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AcceptanceNow is a horrific organization. I will try not to be too lengthy.

I purchased an approximately 500 dollar dinette from Value City. At the time, I figured the set was rather pretty and small enough for my dining room. Also, it was a round table which is important because I have a toddler (no sharp edges). Nonetheless, I went through AcceptanceNow because they report to the credit bureaus.

After going through the application at Value City, it was explained that the dinette would be paid off in 120 days with four monthly installments of $100. (worth noting I paid for the insurance and delivery fees upfront which was almost $300 but that's another story). Anyway, my payments were deducted on the 15th of each month. Therefore, in July I was excited about the last payment.

August rolls around, and I get a text from them regarding my payment.

I call the company, and they proceed to tell me that the $100 a month was for something else; and that it was my job to notify them that I wanted the 120 days same as cash because otherwise, it would go into the regular lease period. The dinette was only $500, and I never spoke with anyone about anything other than 120 days same as cash. So the AcceptanceNow manager tells me that there is an additional $370 owed on the furniture because I did not pay it off within $120 days even though they took the payments as scheduled. So now I have to either eat the cost and pay including delivery taxes and fees $900 for a dinette that is barely worth $500.

I do not know if I can sue, but OMG..please do not do business with this company ever.

I'd rather sit on crates. This business is awful

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $371.

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hi, I’m sorry you had a horrible experience, but AcceptanceNow is not designed to your furniture paid off in full at the ending date of your 4th month SAC date, on that date you will actually have the remaining balance that the payments didn’t fully cover plus the taxes. It is a credit building program. 4 months is completely optional, and yes if you go past that option you will be set in term with leasing fees, or you may pay out your EPO with a minor increase due to the leasing fees.

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