bought a mattress set there in nov 2013 from gardner white furn. store in michigan.

was told how great the program was and how it builds your credit (alright!!) in may of 2014 gardner white sales pereson calls to say the location would be moving out of store an just down the street no problem paid my payment online anyways. BUT didnt know what a bunch of idiots i would be dealing with cant ever get ahold of any one that can help solve a problem tried calling store they moved to # is disconnected even cal their 888 # customer service they told me i would have to call store myself because they cant get information on my account??? so they tried # she said it was disconnected (i just told her that) oh brother and the benefits card they give you for 12.99 a month extra (which you dont have to have) we were under impression you had to have it call store again after i was told district manager would contact me oh she tried alright as i was told she said in her notes she tried to call my # but no answer? im at work all day cant answer leave a message how hard is it ?

so now that ive talked to a person at the store i finally got a hold of (different #) said she would correct my account ok bye bye. But wait not done yet after talking to her and hanging up now im wondering how shes going to change anything she didnt ask my name of acct #???

all im thinking now is maybe when you call they are connected with your acct info i doubt it i will give it an hour or so and look again if i have to drive to store sun there might be a bit of a problem. lets hope i dont have to im a little pissed now il be livid by sun thease people need to find a different line of work none of them know what they are doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Manager.

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