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Bought me a set off sofas according its like buying cash its a huge lie,I've been paying for two years and months and my payment won't go down the employees are no help at all there training sucks say one thing and another I make my payment every month and on time and i get a late fee charge I'll argue and they will hang up on you.this sofas were $1000.I've paid about $5000 I make a payment off $ pay it off faster and my balance don't go down I tried to cancel my payment to pay it off and it was denied.I leave out off town 1hr1/2 drive and want me to drive to swipe my card. In order to cancel.payment.its so ridiculous i would like a District Manager to contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hello,I just read your comment and wanted to explain that since you have past your ninety days it is in your best interest not to make larger payment. You need to continue making your regular payment until you have the full amount to pay off in full, the reason is because all your doing is paying your interest in advance that is why your not seeing your balance go down.

Just ask what your payoff amount is and once you can pay that just pay off. The sooner you payoff the less interest you will pay

to Present employee #1491545

This is NOT helpful! i've been paying on furniture for 2 years that should be at the pay off amount but it isn't.

I'm paying almost 150 per month for 750 in furniture. I ask each month for the balance and it's as if only 25 is going toward the actual furniture balance and 125 is going to the interest!I'm feeling totally ripped off and offended by this company, it's tactics and oh so rude associates!

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