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I ordered my furniture in early May didn't get my furniture unit the end of June my ordered total was 1,100 dollars when I called to make my final payment for the 90 days I was told that I could not pay my final balance of the furniture because I missed the 90 day mark now my final total would be 800.00 opposed to my 300.00 dollars last payment I called the head office to get this problem corrected I spoke to someone on the phone to explain the problem I was told that someone named Tony would contact me within 24-48 hr. it has now been well over 48 hrs and no one has gotten in touch with me about this matter yet. do not know what this company thinks but I will not pay an extra 500.00 dollars for this they will just have to take me to court because if no one corrects this problem I will not pay another dime they are cheaters, do not trust this company or program whatever it is, do not trust them...

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Cons: Corporate not returning my call as promised, Managers never call back, Lies told to me.

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yes I had a similar issue! they are unprofessional, detective crooks! I will never use this company ever again in my life, and I advise people to steer clear of them as well!


right why would I pay for an item I did not have in my house I was told my payment started in may before I received my furniture when I called to pay off my bill for my 90 days I was told that my account was past the 90 days so what is the lie


Lies??? If this was a 90 days the same as cash and you were late on ANY payments within that time frame, then the promotion becomes null and void all because YOU were late.

If that was the case, there are no lies or deception matters here.

Read your contract! No, I don't work for them.


shut your dumb *** up! They are scammers, period!

Don't give a *** if you work for them or not, they are unprofessional and deceptive! They are ghetto and rude, and the customer service is poor. They are never clear, and leave out details. They harass you for a payment on any other due date,but then when the 90 day last payment is due, surprisingly "the system" won't let them notify you to remind you of the payment, so I was told by a district manager, but for any other payment on the date its due, they call your *** before you even have time to wake up and wipe your ***!

So shut the *** up you ignorant ***! They are liars period!

And they set that 90 day thing up to make people pay double for ***, and it's not happening. Now bye

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