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Last February I purchased two pieces of children's furniture a chest of drawers and a bed. At the store the price was $699.98 the Pure Promise $129.99 and Delivery - $119.99 the total was $949.96.

I signed up for Acceptance Now as I just purchased a new home and wanted to space out my spending. I put a down payment of $300 and wanted to put down more but was told I could not. So I started making the payments which in the agreement its states $106 but online I was paying $144 which is comprised of $38.00 extra per month in fees that I was never advised I would have to pay. When I called the VCF store in September of last year to understand when these payments would end they advised I would have to pay an additional $850.00 to actually own the furniture.

So here it is coming up April 2017 and with my April payment of $106 without the fees I would have paid $1272 plus the $300 down payment = $1572 over $600 additional on children's furniture. This was my first purchase from VCF and the furniture is of course value but now I am paying more for my son's furniture set then I did for my furniture set from Gardiner Wolf. This is my first and last dealing with Value City Furniture. I will be filing a complaint with the Maryland State Attorney General's office due to deceptive practices.

This offer was advertised similarly to a Lay-A-Way program but I could not put more down and did not know about almost $40 dollars extra per month in hidden fees.

If you are late and I don't mean like 30 or 45 days, I mean like 3-5 days they basically harass you with constant calls once I was 24 days late because I travel for business and are on the road they actually showed up to my home to collect the furniture and basically remind you this will affect your credit. Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Yes, Yes, Yes....there are many hidden fees.


This exact same thing is happening to me and I have paid almost $200 extra in fees for making extra payments on my merchandise in order to pay it off within 90 days. I did not realize that the entire payment was not being credited towards my purchase.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We always want our customers to have an enjoyable experience with us and we'd be happy to look into your account further and see if we can help clear things up. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186.


I'm sorry u work for them I would suggest finding a job where the company doesn't scam and cheat people and treat them like pieces of dirt.

@I hate acceptance now

Acceptance now is a great place to work ... people never read their leasing agreements and is always excited about their new items .

You as the responsible party should've read through your agreement before signing ...

seems like your comment or complaint is with Vaule City and not with acceptance now ..

Everything Anow workers do is stated within your agreement and it's your fault for not reading what the terms and conditions were

Your welcomes ;)


Im sure value city would enjoy you throwing them under the bus


Your response told me everything I needed to know about Acceptance Now. Thank you; I'll purchase elsewhere. ;)


Well if you know that to be the case then perhaps you should make sure that the customers are fully aware! Ya'll are scammers...$10 per hour to scam folk...smh


The response from this employee is exactly why Acceptance Now sucks. Rude employees with no customer service skills, who have smart as answers no matter what the issue.

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