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They Constantly Harass even when you say you are going in this day to make the payment. 3 days after your initial payment day, you can no longer pay online for your convenience.

You pay 3 times more then what the actual Merchandise is worth...It may be worth it if their was no harassment involved because it helps with credit. Doesn't really do to much. They also make you pay Insurance fees and Benefits fees. When you tell them you dont want it, they say okay we cant take it off till next month.

But no they still do listen. And keep singing the same tune and you have to demand it to take it off. Only way you will know the balance of your merchandise is to look at your credit report. They dont tell you up front.

I would recommend Conns is way better.

I have something from their pay way less and I also got this item after and I already practically done finishing paying for the item.

If you need to rent to own, find something else. Acceptance Now is not the way to go, unless you will pay it within 90 days.

Reason of review: Harassment.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Very bad service i would not recommend to anybody.They harrassed you too much.They have bad attitudes.You pay items triple the price if i would of knowned i would not do business with them.This Will be first and last time.

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