This is my yard before and after these people have came. Twice this has happened.

Not to mention giving my lawn person my info and why they was here im waiting on a call back from a regional manager because the district manager obviously isn't doing her job and the store manager doesn't even function correctly they've been on the phone with my daughter they've been on the phone with another young lady who are minors questioning them asking them who they are why they have my phone where I'm at who are tjey with and this will escolate as where we have just renovated our yard and not once but twice they trashed it don't come wanting money and you're costing me money and violating a Privacy Act. The lady inside my location looks like she cant even hold her eyes open most unprofessional establishment I have ever walked in and dealt with I resent every decision I ever made with that company I should have known it was shady just by the looks of it

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pay your bill then?


Seriously? This is your big beef?

Wow. take a pill



You are are a complete *** moron. How on earth could you think this is in any way ok?!!


Some hacker on another post got the dudes IP address that keeps attacking everyone on here.


Sure he does. Sure!

Right! Tell us, in what store does he work?

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