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Fourteen months ago I went into a furniture store that offered financing. I was told without a doubt I would be approved. We picked out the furniture, I was told we had to go through this process in order to collect an amount to finance. Three hours later I went to the representative from your company Maggie and she then stated I had to leave a deposit in order to start the application process. I reminded her I wasn’t even approved yet why would she need a deposit, but she was very firm and insisted we leave $240 deposit. Ten minutes later we found out we were not approved for the financing so naturally I asked for my deposit back and she stated she could not give it back. I had to go through the company. I was so upset, there was no reason why she needed that deposit and it was only 10 min later that we found out we were not approved!!!!

Well………over the past year Maggie no longer works for rac and the rac in that store is no longer there. I then was told to speak with Jessica and to call Bobs Furniture down the block because that is were they relocated. None of this changed anything. Many many empty promises.

Since that wonderful day in August 14 months ago I am still waiting for a refund. I have called more than 20 times, promised that I would receive but I never have. Supposedly a check was sent to me on 4 to 5 different occasions at 2 different addresses and still I have not received. I have been speaking with a supervisior Micheal Romero who promised he would put an end to this. I am still waiting I think I first spoke with him in June. It is now October. Is this how your business is run? It seems as though there is something very wrong. It is unheard of to take a deposit before even knowing if the customer was approved for financing, and even more unheard of is that it’s now fourteen months waiting to get it back!! I get sick to my stomach when I think about it and ever sicker to realize I'm never getting my money back and have zero furniture to show for it!!!! Stay AWAY !!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Still waiting.............................................................................................................................


I have An account with these idiots from the HH gregg company these people from acceptance now are in competent liars and they lack social skills as well as a lack intelligence and not to forget mannerisms they constantly call your phone for payment when you have already expressed the payment date to them they are very rude and have brain damage don't get locked into a long contract beware The interest rate is way too much stay away from this company I warn you

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