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I went into a Value City in Aurora Il. with the cash to buy what i came in for: a set of living room furniture.

After talking to the salesperson his sales tactic was to sign me up for this no credit needed financing from Acceptance Now. Number one, as a salesman myself, I would not push customers to finance furniture but I guess they get a kick back for it. I digress, first the lady doing the paperwork must have been new she bumbled around had to go ask the manager questions and told me that the furniture would not go on my credit that's mistake one, not only did this lady not know what she was doing, it was never explained to me about if you don't pay it off in 90 days your interest rate would be out this atmosphere. I "financed" $900 and by the end would've paid $3000 in 36 mo.

of course the interest rate is not disclosed in the so called contract neither is the $3000 figure. The only way i knew it would end up being $3000 is that that is the figure Acceptance now had on my credit report that I owed them. I called the store and got the old you have to call Acceptance now about the interest and payments, when I called Acceptance now they said to talk to the store about my questions... this happened more than once.

I called the store (Value City in Aurora Il.) and got people who also did not know what they were talking about one time i spoke with a store manger and told her about the troubles and questions I had and she said I should call the corporate office and tell them about the run around i was getting. I continued to pay the monthly amount the entire time until I was fed up nobody between Acceptance Now and the store could tell me what exactly I owed or how much interest I paid or even where that $3000 figure came from. I then told then to come get the furniture and to take it. Called them for a month before they came out to get it, mind you when I called they kept saying "the collection" like they were taking it instead of the fact that I told them to come get the furniture.

The guys then asked me if Acceptance Now had offered a settlement so i could pay them a smaller amount and keep the furniture. I of course had never been offered a settlement so then I did settle it with a specific manager. The payment was due on the 1st of the next month, on that day I received one call demanding the payment early in the morning I was busy at the time and couldn't make the payment then but told the person on the phone from the store that I will pay by the end of the day, as it wasn't due at a certain time. The same person called me at 5pm and told me I said that I would pay at 5pm that day, I called him out as a liar and told him I would pay on my own time and I didn't feel it was right to harass me for a payment I set up.

I did pay on time that day and got more confusion when I called back to pay because they then told me I had to pay a fee to pay my settled amount, after saying I wouldn't pay a dime over what the settled amount was, the person on the phone got some ghost approval from an invisible manager then let me make my payment.

I am very disappointed in the store Value City and their antics and Acceptance Now with theirs. I feel that it is a total scam and they seek to ruin people's financials especially when putting these made up amounts on your credit as a debt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1850.

Preferred solution: get employees that know what they're talking about and Value City employees should also know what they are doing, your relationship with them impacts your business.

Acceptance Now Cons: Every thing.

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