This company wants you to fail they started charging me before I got the furniture I didn’t get it delivered until two 17 days later you can’t see your payments can’t see your balance on the 90days I want to file a class action suit anyone else want to join me

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Store Location: Orlando, Florida

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I am interested in doing the same thing.


Include ME please! Same issue going on 2 years!!


Include me in the class action proceedings. I feel this company is the biggest rip-off in history.

The program is sham. It set up for you to fail. I paid off my furniture in the 90 days and was charged a extra payment for a late payment. I paid two months advance when I purchased my furniture and explain I would pay the total amount within the 90 days.

After 60 day I started getting phone calls that my payment was passed due. I went to pay off the furniture within the 90 days and was told I owed late charges and additional months payment and would not be able to pay for the furniture until the late charges and additional month was paid. I replied how do I owe and money if I paid two months in advance and 90 days is not up. They replied read your contract.

I said you told me that if I paid this within 90 days and your agent said there would be no additional payment but now I have a overdue payment. I paid it because otherwise they would have double the amount for the furniture after 90 days. So my $2,500.00 purchase would have been $5,000.00 REALLY.



I would love to join you on the. Lass action suit.

I did not receive a copy of the contract. Thwy did not tell me about the extra "insurance" program i was billed for monthly ir thay they were part of Rent A Center which are the "thugs" of the furniture industry.

Ive been lied to and told they were going to xome to my home. Ill join you in a suit.

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