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On May 1 2017 i went to value city Frederick, MD to buy a new sofa to take to my new apartment ( moving date July 1 2017) I wanted to pay cash for that sofa but my BF suggested that I use acceptance now which will allow me to pay that sofa in 90 days same as cash. After I made a total down payment of $376 including shipping of $89 and a bunch of other fees, the lady at acceptance now kiosk assured me that I could be able to make any payment anytime to pay off my balance.

After that I asked her my balance to pay it off it was $890 ( the sofas price was 899) My monthly payment was $165. Yesterday I decided to go and pay a considerable sum to be closed to pay off my balance, the lady at acceptance now did not allow me to pay the amount I wanted to pay, she told me that I could pay either for 1 month or 2 months. I was really surprised and did not get her explanation for why I couldn't do it! So I paid for two months which was $334 including tax and their infamous club fees( for a couch that I have not received) I asked again for balance they said it was $606 to pay it off.

Here is the problem. I asked them if I could make another payment next month( June) they said no and that I already paid for two months and that my next payment is due on august. By the way my 90 day is on July 30th. She lady explained to me a bunch of craps why such as "oh it is for your protection if you want to return the sofa or something happens you are not able to make the 90 days" really?

Finally the lady told me that my only option is pay off all the remaining balance of $606 on a one time payment because " i already made my 2 months payments" before the end of my 90 day. Which I will probably do when I receive the sofa! Lessons: this company will make everything for you not to pay off your item within the 90 days. They only want you to pay tremendous interest for years.

My issue with them is still going on I will see what they will do to me after I pay off my remaining balance in a one time payment. I will update my review

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Hi, I work with Acceptance Now. This definitely doesn't sound right, and we'd love to chat with you regarding your concerns.

Whenever you have time, please give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 so that we can see if we can help clear things up. Thank you.

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