El Dorado, Arkansas
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So I'm extremely angry with Acceptance Now. They sell garage sell quality funiture for maxime price.

I'm currently purchasing a sectional and slat bed and mattreess. Within 2 months my couch began to tear. My mattress has a big sank in it. This is the kicker...

I've been paying on this mess since feb 2015. Its may 2016 and I still over $2000. This stuff is only worth $1000 all together but I have to pay over $4000 for funiture that will be trash by the time i pay it off. Smh I don't feel that this is fair.

I worked at Rent A Center and they send trash to them all the time. In order to keep from sinking to the floor I placed a board under the cushions. They told me this stuff was brand new. Straight off the truck.

Bull ***. In one year should I have to do all of this if it was brand new?

Nah!!! If this was Haverty's funiture it would be still in tack.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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whats the matter with you people? acceptance now is not a finance company!

its lease to own! use your brain. no credit checks!

for people with bad credit or want to boost credit score! thats why they urge you to take advanage of 90 day pay off at 12% interest and some fees.great deal!


They are scammers. I was also ripped off.

After making 1300 that would pay off furniture my balance is still 1300!.

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I have the same problem


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. Our teams works hard to make sure all of our products are specifically marked as "New" or "Used" on their tags and then again on the contracts.

If you feel like there was an issue with your item, please feel free to let us know, and we can look into it for you. Just give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186.


It won't do no good. The district manager here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas is so shady.

I can't wait to pay this *** off I will never use acceptance now ever again and will never recommend them to anyone. This is a scam and y'all know it but as long as you getting a check I'm sure you don't care. There is no way my furniture should look like that if I'm paying over $4,000.

It's just a sectional and slat bed and mattress. Im taking this to court.


Its Pine Bluff, Arkansas not El Dorado, Arkansas.

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