I purchased furniture from Ashley furniture store through this program and the people call my phone (home and cell) ALL DAY LONG! And I mean all day long this is harrassment.

They try to tell me there is no grace period for payments before they are considered late and always threaten to come pick up my equipment. My payments have never went down since I got the furniture and I also blame Ashley Furniture for misleading me that this was a credit building program not a freaking rental company which I have never dealt with, but since I have invested so much money they will be hearing from my lawyer too!!

Location: Tinley Park, Illinois

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the only reason you feel those people are "harassing" you is because they call you all day long......yea that's why you should pay your bills on time. Its just common scene, if you don't pay your bills on time you get collection calls.

Of Corse this "credit building company" isn't helping. If you made payments on time (that means before the due date) it would be reported to the credit bureau that you have good rental history.

If you have enough money for a lawyer you should probably use it to pay your furniture because if this lawyer takes your case your sure to lose. If anyone who doesn't pay on there furniture the way it states in the contract (on time)thinks they can sue a company for helping to build credit its just .....


Hi –I work at RAC and I regret to hear about the issues you described. I know that our Customer Care Team would really like to hear from you more and try to help anyway they can.

If you could, please give them a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thanks!


That is the way those rent to own places operate. If you can afford an attorney, you shouldn't have had to build your credit.

Yes, those rent to own places do harass people, but that is your problem. If you don't like make sure you make your payments on time. Why would your payments go down. I have never heard of any business doing that for people that owe them money.

What makes you think you have the right to be late with your payments. After this only buy what you can afford.

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