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Please learn from my experience with Ashley Furniture and Rac Acceptence and do not make a purchase with them. I wish that I had sat on pillows for six months instead of dealing with these legal thieves. They use a contract to legally steal from customers and their behavior is disgusting. I have spoken with two managers and even tried to contact the general manager but to no avail, I gave them the legal right to steal from me.

In November, I purchased a new home and decided to go to Ashley Furniture to buy new furniture. I was presented with the option of Rac Acceptence contract, even though I had a bad feeling, I signed it anyway (I'm still kicking myself)

Before I bore you with this tale, I'm going to list the reasons why you should run from this company.

1. You will receive no statement in the mail or email of what you owe

2. I believe my interest is at least 50% but they will not tell you exactly how much. They refuse to give that information.

3. Online payment is preset and you cannot pay more than that preset amount

4. Online does not tell you what your owe or the remaining balance

5. There are a MASS amount of hidden charges that the managers cannot or will not explain.

6. I have made every payment and in December of 2013, I was told I owe 1794.00 and by May I owe 1689.00, which means only 105.00 went to the principal.

7. The staff stands by the "you signed a contract" but cannot explain anything else

8. There are thousands of complaints against this business for their shady practices, even former employees are ashamed to be associated with this business

9. You will have missing money. For example, I called in to make a payment, which I was charged 1.99. I paid 200.00 yet 199.00 was taken from my checking account. When I called back no one explain what happened

10. I call to get my remaining balance and it's like I'm talking to a child, I have to use words like "total," "remaining, " and "final"

11. They will not tell anything about interest or finance charges, like how often does interest accumulate and what is it based upon.

12. You have to call them to get your balance.

It has been six months since I foolishly decided to do business with them. I am going borrow and beg family members to help me pay the final balance. There is no way I'm going to pay them for two years and lose thousands.


Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I work for this company and first off, I am extremely sorry no one explained our program properly. I feel like a lot of issues come from employees not understanding how things work/not being able to convey terms properly.

I believe the job itself should require some sort of higher education, as the job itself requires a good understanding of math and finance. There are 3 buyout options, the 90 days is whatever is left plus 12%. The early purchase option kicks in after day 90, that is the point where half of the payment begins to go towards leasing fees and the rest towards the balance. We do not do traditional interest.

Ours is simply 50/50 after the 90 days. Or you can elect to go full term on a lease. That is the option where you do end up paying about double. That is why I recommend buying as early as you can.

Sadly, a lot of the other issues you mentioned have to do with poor company infrastructure. Our computers are outdated; at my office we cannot even communicate by text with our customers, for example. They send the lease agreement itself in an email after you sign.

Also, I do agree that the $1.99 pay by phone fee is absurd. I always hate having to charge it, and suggest my customers to pay online to avoid it, if possible

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Unfortunately, AcceptanceNow website does not provide any information about the interest rate applied to the company leases. However, based on the Nerdwallet article published by Rent-A-Center, the company’s annual percentage rate ranges between 43% and nearly 470% (except for New Jersey where a 30% cap in enforced by law).

Based on calculations that help determine the monthly rate, it could be anywhere between 3.6% and 38% (monthly interest rate). Please find more details regarding this issue in the article Top Acceptance Now Question.

I have used RAC multiple times, with no problem at all. You apparently don't know how to read a contract, as everything is perfectly laid out and explained. I do not understand how ignorant people like you even survive in today's society.


Here's a tip. It is a lease to own company and leasing options do not charge interest or have finance fees because they are not a finance company.

I have seen this contracts personally and it lays out on the very first page what your projected payout is (if you keep the contract full term and only make the monthly payment). And rac acceptance, now called acceptance now, is not a rent to own.

If you read the contract and read the agreement reference guide you would know how they operate. Should have done your homework!!!


Maybe you should have went without new furniture until you could buy it outright. Anytime any rent to own place is involved, a person gets ripped off.


Isn't that what this person just said?? You comprehensive level reminds me of A RAC acceptance employee!! Lol

@Pigs1 Acceptance Now employee would have used the proper spelling of your not you....smh...

The person writing this complaint is more upset with themselves than Acceptance Now. Everything is explained upfront before a customer signs the agreement.

The customer decides what the total cost of the purchase. The customer is fully explained how to use the early pay off option before signing any agreement.

Acceptance Now does not hide any fees. The practice of simple math and you can determine the LEASE fees not INTEREST RATE amount.

Acceptance Now does help people who have integrity and honor. Nothing is free in life.

Signed a proud former Acceptance Now employee.

@Shaking my head

I'm fairly an educated person and I can assure you a discussion of fees, pay off option or leases terms and regulation was not explained to me, nor was it in writing. I still do not know the fees that are charged to me each month.

Read all the rip off reports on this company, not everyone is foolish, this company is a scam.

Yes, nothing in life is free but is that an excuse to be deceitful?

I'm glad you are a former Acceptance Now employer but if I were you, I would list that company on my resume.

@Shaking my head

Please don't be petty about spelling. This is not about how well we spell but alerting consumers about shady business practices.

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