The point of these companies are to help those who can not spend a large amount of money all at once. With acceptance now they actually help build your credit while renting so that alone I feel is Worth that extra that you pay..

Build your credit by being responsible with on time payments, as with anything. However people have ruined a good thing for other people as with everything. So people have to understand the high risk this company takes to loan you this item for this price and hope that you wont rip them off. The same goes with anything, the price of grain goes up the price of hamburger milk chesse etc goes up.

So the higher the amount the higer the risk. so everyone can thank those petty thevies out there for ruining the option for those who are responsible and not to be considered a risk, but in all honesty you could be Mother Teresa and there is still a major risk. I have used acceptance now 4 times now and i have no complaints i know what the terms policy and conditions are and i am thankful, because I would not have the nice things that I have now if I couldnt rent to own. My credit score has went from 490 to low 600 in the Course of 1.5 years.

I have used the 90 day option, the early by out option and have went the full length of my agreement. So they give you the options. I will continue to use acceptance now, the ladies i work with are amazing caring people and they help me out in any way they can. I was sick with the flu and the Manager personally came to pick up my payment and brought me chicken noodle soups some teas and honey.

Tell me where anyone would get customer service like e that. Now I do understand not everyone gets the pleasure of having to deal with my locations staff and I sympathize. It just bothers me when people claim its a rip off. You know whats going down when you sign up and you obviously need their help or you wouldnt be there.

Stop stressing over that finally amount. Take a look at the book I do believe its 4 hour work week. A friend was explaining it to me and i understand it so well that i didnt even need to read it. You will be much happier in life when you stop stressing about end results and whats this going to cost, break it down.

Instead of thinking of it as oh this is 70 dollars a month think of it as this is only 17.50 a week can i afford 17.50 a week. If you can thats all you need to worry about and i promise you'll be a lot happier in general. Change your way of thinking. Now for comments about service issues, bad product or bad customer service by all means complain your heart out and you have every right but to claim a company is ripping you off is silly, like I said you know what the policy is you read and signed that contract didnt you?

If you dont like it, save your money and buy it cash and dont bother with a company like this! Again the choice is still yours, you made that choice so you don't look very bright complaining about the Price you are paying. It seems to me you didnt read before you signed the contract and no smart person would do that.

Also must I remind you again petty thevies ruined it for everyone, as well as the cost of stuff determines what it takes to make it run, to pay employees, to take lose on thefts, to service and replace and all the other stuff no one sees. A Mc Donalds Big Mac or Salad dosent cost 6.00 to make but you pay those prices because you want that burger.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

Store Location: Washington, Missouri

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Thanks AcceptanceNOW, but that is BS. Stop misleading people. That was 2015, this is 2019, and fraud never changes.


Its clearly understood what you are saying and you have a unique way of seeing this company. Unfortunately, their own employees have been indicted for "ripping off" customers by posting and reversing payments.

These employees represent the company. At issue is customers actually trusting a salesman. That's funny in itself. Trust is a big issue in these types of transactions.

We pay extra insurance coverage for the items and in the event of illness to make supplemental payments. When the company doesn't honor their own agreement - that's once again another "rip off". I am for updating and providing feed back be it positive or negative. Just one note.....

this is PISSED CONSUMER! This site is an outlet.

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