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 Well on Memorial Day 2016 I went in to purchase a full bedroom set and found out I liked I had applied online prior to visiting the Lexington VCF so I knew what I could afford to purchase. We filled out all the paperwork was informed of the great holiday promotion with X amount down great since I'm trying to rebuild our credit.

When all paperwork was filed and pmt was made it was at my understanding a pmt. I do understand my pmts are due in X day I'm not *** however.... When trying to login to my account I've not been able to I've called 4 times now and every time I tell the people I can't get into my account .... well after my call yesterday I am one possed customer...I had called prior to my deliver and spoke with Nicole and she said she was sorry it was her fault the pmt I made the date of purchase shouldn't of been made due to the PROMOTION I said oh ok chuckled and she said she'd get with her mgr and disuse credit to my bill NO ONE called back I have 3 children ages 6 7 and a 10 mth old I have my hands full so time for away from me to call again..

I had a voice mail from Chris which I assumed was the call finally about the amount for me to pay but When I called back I got Scott and boy who ever hired this guy for Custer service really needs to monitor him a while.... I get being steed and taking control or situations I've been a manager for 5 years I also did customer service at A call center for 14 and he has to get his attitude toward customer under control... As I stated to each person the out isn't the issue its the amount... So they come today to get my bedroom furniture I said no your not they informed me they were going to involve the law I said go ahead...

Called into the store for Nicole bless her heart she played dumb like she didn't know what to do..... Kept telling me she didn't know if she could reach her district mgr ( he was in store) she tried to cover her *** best she could I kept asking her so you don't want my business????!! She never once said yes we want your business no one did..... She then gets off the call ton"try" reach Scott the district mgr who I had flipped out on yesterday.....

I called back and low and behold guess who answers the phone Scott.... Tried to talk to me like I was dumb said things like if we're gonna continue this relationship and said I threatened him yesterday I did NO such thing...... Today is my husbands birthday so rather than ruin his day I agreed to make a full out but now after all his I'm being charged a late fee I laughed and said ok.... But I'm only keeping this bed til I find another I like then they can have it back...

The people I felt with at Lexington Value City Acceptance Now. Are very rude...

The date of purchase Nichole was nice but after that the phone dealings with the employees are *** poor... It's a shame too because I really liked this bedroom suite....

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Acceptance Now Cons: District mgr scott.

Store Location: Georgetown, Kentucky

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Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd be happy to look into your account further and see if there is anything we can do to address your concerns.

Please reach out to our customer care team at 1-800-422-8186 whenever you get the chance. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you.

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