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Have been fighting with this company for months now. Started in January when i got locked out of doing payments online.

So i emailed the contact us link online. No response,called the store they state they have no idea where those emails go but its nothing they'll ever see and its something they need to handle. Told them i wanted someone with an email address. Finally got contacted by district manager was helpful at first but things got bad about a payment.

( my fault but their deceptive nature delayed the process) a payment went through on April 19th. I also scheduled a payment on the 19th to go through later. So when the payment posted on the 19th I was confused why it never posted. Contacted the store.

It took them almost two weeks to even start an investiagation and I had to remind them to do so. In the meantime the company continued its collection pratice of sending people in unmarked vans with no company logo on it (they claim store associates) but they wore nothing and the car had nothing with logo on it. In the meantime i ended my relationship with one bank and was changing banks. I had also sent them a check to try and cover payment until this was figured out (was informed later that they dont accept checks this is not listed in contract) and i never recieved the check back so i canceled my account and informed them not to pay the check.

The company said they spoke with my bank and this was a re-payment(turned out to be one) but the company lied. The bank never spoke with them and the bank never gave the company any date showing that they when repayment would post. I became extremely confused because the bank said yes you had a payment scheduled on the 19th and that repayment post on that day but the company was only acknowleding one. I tried to call and contact them no response no explanation.

I then emailed the district manager made a payment plan that became diffcult due to my new banks federal regulations. Showed the store this information was told okay we will pass this along. They never did. So then i was told by the company that i was lying and trying to hold on to stuff I didn't own.

I then checked my credit report and discovered the amounts didn't make sense. This is a no interest rent to own yet the amount owed on credit report varied greatly and it never went down. I pay $102 they report $88 dollars being paid. Total owed varied from $881 to $801 to $749.

All with the same original amount owed of $1295. After 6 months of payments the math didn't add up. Then they changed the terms on the credit report saying I had a 14month contract which was not true. My contract states a 12 month plan and my payments match those of a 12 month plan.

It also never states in the contract that my fees dont go towards the value of the machine. The other thing is I reported the company to the BBB and they stated in their letter from their legal department that I had made 8 payments. Though when i asked the company for receipts they only confirmed 7 payments. So there is one mystery payment they havent applied tonmy account .

The worst part is I just want to purchase the item and I've asked the company multiple times to give me in writing with confirmed information and payments what the machine cost each time they refuse and say they don't have this information. What kind of lending company doesn't have documentation on what is owed? So now I have written to their customer service department and their legal department asking for their help in understanding what the payment is.

I have also sent all the documentation ive collected yo the FTC and to my state attorneys general to get some force assistant for the company to give me a straight answer of what i owe. Thanks

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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In addition this corporation is restricting how I can access information about my account without my constent. They state its up to their discretion rather or not I can recieve written communication yet there is nothing i signed agreeing to acceprable forms of communication or restricted account access.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd be happy to look into your account further and see if there is anything we can do to address your concerns.

Please reach out to our customer care team at 1-800-422-8186 whenever you get the chance.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you. 


Have called your customer care and they do nothing but tell you to call the store and the store tells you to call customer care and you go in an endless cycle. I should know I've recorded the coversations

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