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I dont recommend this company to anyone, poor explaination about the main point of buying through them, they decided for your montly payments to then make you pay way more that you can handle, the first months they told me I had to pay 99.00 and when I was doing my last and third payment they told me I had to pay 366.00 cause 10% of interest that were never mentioned and If i couldnt pay it, next month i would have to pay 558.00 sadly I had to pay the 366.00 In order to avoid more interest %. they said they help you but in reality they steal from you.

They pretty much expect you to dont have enough money so you can keep adding months of payments and get a interest everytime.

when people with poor credit look for help is because they need better options for payments yet acceptancenow expects you to pay hundreds in your third payment or pay a high amount of interest. So pretty much if I take 18 months to pay the item (cause they give you the option to buy it in 18 months) the total would be 1,700 ish for something that costs 544.00 and when signing in I paid 213.00 .

Really be careful before going through them to get your credit up! Is not worth it.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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