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Im a sales manager for Acceptance Now. We are not debt collector's, therefor we can call you 2xs a day, everyday, because you are leasing the merchandise from us.

And the only time we do call is when a customer DOES NOT pay their *** bill. Pay your bill and theres no need to call you! Simple. A person uses our program when they DO NOT qualify for credit based financing because their credit is bad because they dont pay bills.

We as a company purchase the merch from the host store, our customer makes payments to us for allowing them to have the merch delivered for a small down payment. Its a RISK letting your broke *** take that merch, so yes its going to be more expensive because we need to be compensated. If you had the $ to afford whatever it is, youd buy it. But you dont.

Thsts what we're here for. So dont sign *** until you READ it. Understand it. Ask questions.

Stop hating. Pay your bills!

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I was a sales manager for this company for 2 1/2 years when RAC had just started.At first the company allowed the customers to pay their purchases down, and give more to their balance, so that they wouldnt be stuck in a 12,18, 24, or 36 month agreement.

The program WAS a good thing. Most of my customers paid off in 90 days and most ended up paying only about $300 more on the purchase going through RAC.

Then this company got greedy. They tried finding ways to cheat a customer, and hiring dumb *** like this sales manager.

The company now is trying to make it hard for you to pay. They only accept your payment amount, no extra, hoping you'll stay the full term with them, and only 1/3 of your payment is going towards your actual purchase. The other 2/3 are for their bogus club membership and some b.s.


Which you can decline!!!

I had to leave the company because I felt like a bad person and RAC wanted us to harass customers for payments. For this "sales manager" to sit here and tell others to pay their bills, she wouldnt like to be screwed over either!

And she is at the bottom doing the dirty work for this company while they gain all the profit.Jokes on her!


You are so uneducated.....Some people go through rough patches in life and some how loose their stability. What an *** you are for this response, don't try to place it as if you have never been in some of these people's shoes.....


I see why this company has horrible reviews, because of uneducated, unprofessional idiots like yourself. "Sales Manager" representing the company in such a manner is unethical and very low class of you, no wait a minute, you're a floor person, anyone can be whatever they want behind a computer screen. It's your world ***!!


Oh yeah, you should definitely be in the customer service industry with that attitude, I have a major problem with this company only because I WAS LIED TO at the start, I told them I hated rent a center because of the harassing phone calls and they told me they may give me a call after like the 15th day to see what was going on, total Lie The first rolls around and they start blowing up your phone.. I don't believe lying to get someone's business is necessary or professional


I dont mind paying a premium if i have too in order to get what i need. But that does not mean i should be burned by idiots like RAC.

You charge extra for waivers that are not needed and when I said I did not want a waiver you put it in my account anyway hoping it wouldn't be noticed. Now that is called slamming and cramming and your company is having to refund back plus interest and penalties because not every one that walks in is without means.


what ?????? extremely unprofessional...........


You are nothing but a salesman. A store manager would not have time to come on here and make *** comments.

You are the lowest of the low at your store and you want to feel like you are worth something and that's why you are on here making *** remarks. hahaha..You work there because you get a discount and you need the discounts because your *** is broke.


Such an unprofessional response from a "Sales Manager" on behalf of an entire company. I hope you don't have a family who depends on your paycheck.


Hmmmm...and people wonder why RAC Acceptance is ran the way it is,'s simple folks, *** like the above are placed in management at RAC!!! Get a education loser!!!


Your a piece of ****!

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