I rented a computer system to produce a civil litigation which I did, and saved in dcumets/microsoft works word. I burned the document onto a DVD-R disc.

Subsequently, the document was lost and/or corrupted - not accessible, although information concerning doc via both the disc and the computer reflect that the written material is there. However, access to open the file is denied. I took the CPU to your store and no-one there could open the file.

Then, I took the CPU to the Geek Squad -- with full permission from your kind and thughtful RAC agent. The Gee Squad could not open the file either due to viruses in the CPU. Then, I took the CPU back to your store where another kind and thughtful agent tried, albeit unsuccessfully to retrieve/open the file.

The document had to be filed in the Federal Court before 5 p.m. Friday, June 27, 2008.

Consequently, I missed that deadline, based on equipment rented from RAC which was, without

question inadequate and cunterproductive toward any meaningful efforts to simply type and produce a simple 20 page document.

Thusfar, the ordeal and experience has cost $35.00 for the equipment and $35.00 for gas expenses, and 4 days and nights of wasted time as well as total anguish. In addition, the Court ORDERED document is yet to be Filed in the Court as it is in your computer and lost therein!

I would, therefore, request your prompt action to compensate me for my loss.

The people at your store are good. Your equipment was a disaster for me.

EXAMPLE: It has taken me over an hour to type the above because the keys on the keyboard do not function properly causing me to go back repeadetly to correct and retype.

SEE W/OUT CORRECTIONS: My name is Mian Nikoic and I am submiting ths cmppant t Rent a Cente de t hav an unsatsfactry eperience wth a renta cntract.

CORRECTED VERSION: My name is Milan Nikolic and I am submitting this complaint with Rent a Center due t having an unsatisfactory experience with a rental contract. As you can see I had to go back to correct much too much. I cannot agree with any potential reason or excuse for same-----Can y

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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