This is the 4th day of me trying to resolve the dispute.Not only has my attorney called, the sergeant on the case has also called and spoke to the district manager several times. Each time he has advised them that they want the courts to handle it (me being arrested).

I have also called for the regional manager several times with no return phone call and was advised that he stands by the decision of the DM. Forget about the fact that I was not informed of the legal proceeding going forward, they are also not willing to accept payment or settle the case out of court. This lets me as the consumer know this company would rather impose harm to the consumer as opposed to resolving the matter at hand.I am extremely disappointed and will ensure that I spread the word regarding the way this business was conducted. Original review posted by user 10 hours ago I purchased some furniture from Royal Furniture and was redirected to their in store financing, Acceptance Now.At this time I had no clue this was related to RAC.

I made a few payments and unfortunately fell on hard times. My husband had a life threatening incident, my mother had open brain surgery, and I later followed having a baby girl and suffering with Depression. Unfortunately considering my current situation, this bill was the last thought on my mind; however it was not intentional. Several months later I find out I have an arrest warrant for failure to return lease movables.

Researching the warrant I find out its from this company. Mind you the total is 2673.00. However, they have me in the credit bureau for over 6000.00. In addition to this, the warrant was granted on the basis of them not being able to locate me and noted I did not make a payment since Feb.

pulled my credit report that reflects my last payment was in May. Go to the courthouse to get a copy of the warrant because I never received this, a phone call advising me of proceeding with the legal process, of any certified letters. Well I then find out they have been sending the letters to the wrong address. Call the DM and store manager three days in a row.

The Sheriff even advised that I was willing to pay the amount off or return the furniture. They both refused and said they want me to be arrested and the court will handle it. Ultimately I do know and understand that this was my responsibility; however, the unwillingness of management to resolve this matter and would prefer a customer to be arrested shows poor service, a lack of appreciation, and most definitely no concern for the customer. And as a reminder, it's their fault they sent these notifications to the wrong address.


Unfortunately life happens and we will never know when we will find ourselves in positions such as what I experienced. The priority should be getting the money for the merchandise in which they refused.I will never use this company again and I will also spread the word to others not to use them as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: unwillingness to work with me to resolve the issue.

Preferred solution: Accept the furniture back and I pay the depreciation cost - drop charges filed against me for 2700.00.

Acceptance Now Pros: Attitude i received when they were wanting to get me to sign.

Acceptance Now Cons: Unwillingness to settle the debt.

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On Behalf of Pissed Consumer Help Center
The official Acceptance Now website does not provide any details about late payments. Nevertheless, the AutoPay terms and conditions make a note of automatic payments that take place on the terms the customer has chosen (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly).

So, it is safe to assume that Acceptance Now clients have time to pay until the date each renewal payment is due, especially considering that customers might be charged a returned item fee if there are no funds available at the time of the expected payment. Please check out more details regarding this issue in the article Top Acceptance Now Question.

we need to start a class action suit 203-668-1107 contact me for more information vendors13@gmail.com


Oh will you please leave these silly people alone. Why would anyone with any SENSE call or send an email to a FREE .gmail account?

I get it, people who are about class action lawsuits because they didn't read their contracts and try to find ways out are typically suckers who fall for credit lawsuit scams, credit repair scams and whatever hustle you're pushing. Why don't you have a real email address?

Why does your phone number come up as a hair weave shop? Folks, you're taking a chance if you send anything to someone like this....


So you’re a God and without any flaw in your life? How about you mind your business and move along.

You obviously don’t know anything about hardship or respect the hardships of others illustrated by the insensitivity of your comment posted here. Here’s an idea, offer some solutions for those people you claim are so susceptible to harm.

How about helping these people some kind of way yourself? Just a thought.


If I'm not mistaken, telling people not to get involved with a .gmail account because of possible fraud IS HELPING.


I was thinking of using this outfit, but not after reading all this. This outfit sounds like a bunch of common crooks.


So did u go.to.jail? I'm so pissed.at this company at this point I'm not paying them a dime and they will not come and get there furniture


I'm going through the same crap they wont come get my furniture I can't afford it I just had 5 surgeries and going for another one. How do you get out of it.

They won't stop calling. I keep telling them to come get the furniture but they wont


Except I haven't moved or anything. I just can't afford it.

I've asked them to just come get the bed we got. It's still new


So you wrote this long upset note because you fell on hard times " being delinquent is a breache of contract " and obviously didn't contact the store to go get the merch .. not only that you moved because you said they had they wrong address "breached your contract there " and then had the nerve to get on here and say you don't know how it's your responsibility "months" later and they want you arrested ..

that's cause you stole it. You thief ! Take responsibility for what you do and understand what you're doing ... why is ok for you the customer to fall on hard times and not pay ..

but expect the best customer service when you finally decide to come out of hiding after you find out the cops are coming after you ?

Pathetic. Pay your bills people


You low life. It's evident that it is one of you that I have spoken to because you know much of the information.

Let's be clear, my situation was beyond hard times. My husband was shot 22 times, in the process of this my mom was having open brain surgery for two aneurysms. Additionally, they person that shot my husband came to my home with the intent to kill us all. Following this, they again cam and vandalized his car while we were not there.

So forgive me if you are inconsiderate, non passionate, pathetic, and unprofessional for even making a post such as this one. I don't steal and never had the intent too. As I have proof with several police reports of each and every incident that occurred. Not only this, I have the DA and incident report showing where I was not physically living in the home due to the gentleman coming to our home to commit murder when your certified letter was sent but not picked up.

So again, as I have told you all, a rental payment was the very last thing on my mind as I am sure it would have been with you as well. People should be more careful of speaking such ignorance as they will never know the position you will find yourself in. I lived at that address for one year after the furniture was purchased so how was it stolen. And correction sir/ma'am, the police did not come after me (at all).

I called your company to work out arrangements after my life settled down and was told that it was in legal now which is how I found out there was a warrant. Since that point I have been working with the police, the judge, and made numerous attempts to pay you all. So with that being said, your comments are nasty, unprofessional, and again you all are a horrible company. Don't speak on situations that you are ignorant of.

In closing, I have all supporting documentation of police reports filed at my home in the end of June, police reports shown in July at my mother's home when there was another incident threatening our lives. And this was during the time you all sent the letter. Each time I was contacted, I made a payment. Your last email to me was in April.

My credit report shows my last payment in May;however, you filed the charges claiming they were in Feb. What important is your unwillingness to accept the money...the same money you will receive when we go to court. So no I didn't up and move to keep your cheap little furniture, I moved to save the lives of my children.

that being said, see you in court. Insensitive pathetic little individual.


The same thing is happening to me. Ive paid for the furniture, they kept harassing my ex & i.

One day he got arrested for felony charges of false pretenses. We ended up giving the furniture back & it was dismissed.

Now four years later I get arrested. I'm hoping the charges arw dropped like my exs


Oh boo hoo. You had ample time to notify the company of your new address.

You CHOSE not to thinking you could get away with it. You and your husband (?) are obviously hooked up with bad people and are probably getting what you reap.

I worked for RAC for 19 years and 90% of my customers were good, honest, decent people. 5 % were good people but basically clueless and 5% were just "{{Redacted}}" and you are in that second 5%.


If you worked for RAC for 19 years, you made a minimum wage JOB a career. That’s the first problem I see with your comment.

I was dismayed from the statement and beyond. You probably should have first considered educating yourself so you would not have to deal with the 5% you yourself have placed me in. I have two degrees and graduated with honors with both and needless to say but I’ll enlighten you anyway, I do have a career. Considering this sweetie, furniture is the last thing I would ponder on stealing.

The issue was I was fully prepared to pay the furniture in full and they refused. In the end, I was fully capable of proving my point and was not held accountable nor did I have to pay. Because many companies such as the one you put sweat and tears in for 19 years is a rip-off. The police department forced them to take the furniture back :-).

And that sir, is what education can do for you. Lastly, you have no clue of what we may have or have not been involved in. There are innocent people losing their lives everyday for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You should be careful of your tongue.

Many don’t realize they can fall into a position that they’ve spoken on another. Be quick to think and slow to judge. And know, it’s never too late to educate yourself. I’ll let you know the next time I’m hiring.

Sorry, you may not be qualified considering your resume would reflect moving furniture and my career is in a chemical plant. To God be the glory.


I don't know you, but I pray your situation is resolved. Don't let them get to you.

The truth always comes to light.

Some folks do not have social couth or or a thing called understanding or kindness or empathy. Hang in there.


And is no reason to be anonymous, feel free to make yourself known. It also shows the consumers on this site as well as others how ignorant, disrespectful and insensitive your are as a company.

But believe me as you being the DM or an employee as you said, you have 10,000 cases on your desk such as this one.

You should have appreciated one trying to pay you back. Having that number of unpaid files on your desk shows the loophole in your business and the starvation of your company to get business.


and he says it all!


And Dummy I have continued to say it is my responsibility. Not only are you ignorant but you're illiterate.

What I look like stealing furniture valued at 2700 (or less) and I have 2 degrees including an MBA.

Sure I'm more qualified than you are. that's evident.


To mr anonymous

Sorry everyone isnt born with a silver spoon in there mouth or have mommy and daddy to bail them out of situations. You dont know this lady from adam but for you to run your mouth is pathetic you need to grow up and get a life and to mrs johnson sorry for what your going throught and will keep you in our prayers


Thank you so much for your wisdom, kind words, and prayers. I pray to God that many consumers read this response and complaint to show the lack of respect and appreciation for their customers.

I've been more than willing to pay them in full. Called them several times to do so and they refused. So I did in fact try to pay my bill. But again, they would rather go to court.

So I'll see them their but I will spread the word as much as possible to raise the awareness. Have a blessed night.

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