I have been an HH Gregg customer for years and have purchased TVs and appliances for years from the Nolensville Road and 100 Oaks store. I donated my old refrigerator and fell in love with a new model that at the time was too much to pay cash for but would manageable for 90 days. I was told by a salesperson that they had a "new" financing option that would allow me to pay a down payment, make a small monthly payment and pay my refrigerator off in 90 days. Rather than pursue the regular financing options I took the bait. I assume the responsibility of not reading the 15 page document and simply believing a lie and OMG what a mess.

I called 60 days later to inquire about paying the refrigerator off only to find out the terms of the contract was not what I was told. I entered a rent to own contract and a very, very small amount of the payment was actually being applied to a payoff. So, out of my $154.00 payment, less than a fifth was actually being applied to paying off the appliance.

I called the local and regional manager and it seems I was simply mislead by the RAC Sales Staff. The truth of the matter is the refrigerator was $1,500 plus a warranty, connections and delivery for a total of $1900.00. I am embarrassed to say I was so frustrated with the nasty attitude and incompetence of the staff, I signed up to pay online to avoid dealing with the crooks in the store. To date, November 16, 2014, I am 19 months ( 1 year and seven months) into this mess still paying $154.00. I was unable to pay online on November 15th and thought I'd call the store to see how close I was to being done with the contract. I was devastated to find out that I have paid $2926.00 for a $1900 refrigerator. To "buy out of the contract" and own the refrigerator, I was told I would have to pay another $1,379.96 for a total of $3960.86. have had enough and should have dealt with this months ago. What an expensive lesson. The staff member said "You signed your contract before we offered 90 days same as cash". LOL I will HH Gregg/RAC or whomever to collect their merchandise. I couldn't get a straight answer on what this process involves. Then buy a refrigerator from a reputable company. I will continue my email, twitter, Facebook, campaign. Shame on HH Gregg for allowing this to happen to their loyal customers under their good name and shame on RAC Acceptance. This type of greed and robbery even for someone with the means to pay is unthinkable.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Cons: Deceitfullness, Poor customer service, Trickery, Prices, Contract loopholes.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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if the 90 day option is offered during those 3 months 80% - 85% of your monthly payment is being put towards your merchandize price, after the 90 days you enter into a regular leasing plan where only about 34% of your payment is counted towards your merchandize principal. meaning the interest rate is about 60% plus state tax about 12.99 for Benefits Plus & Your Damage Liability Wavier.

The program is set up for people with bad credit due to lack of credit and previous inability to pay bills on time if at all... hope that helps explain a little more


Omg yes!!!it's insane we are going thru the same thing. A sales rep for Acceptance Now made everything sound so great and 3 payments in we ask for the pay off amount and it seems the payment just keeps going up!!

How the ***?! And they don't even know how to give u an answer or even try to explain anything they just print up a paper to show u how 0%of ur payment goes to ur stuff .

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