My hubby and I bought a tv from brandsmart we actually had the money to buy the tv but the brandsmart rep said the quality of tv we needed had to be financed, my hubby was not interested bc he is a cash buyer, the rep said it would build his credit. He took us straight to a RAC rep.

We even put down 300 dollars towards the amount and told the rep we would pay off at the end of the month we just wanted the tv, she said this loan doesnt build credit until after 3 months and we can pay off we ask if this was revolving credit etc, my hubby said he read the contract, now it's been a year at 150 a month and the amount is still the same every month we ask for payoff amount they would say their system is down, we tried to overpay they would say the system can't take a big payment. I had a loan from badcock and paid in full and went back found out they are with RAC acceptance now, Got burned 1x never again......but all the furniture and electronic stores are tied in with them so they are all aware of the scam thats going on. City furniture, Ashley, brandsmart, rooms to go etc. in these tough times when people are still reeling back from job loss, they keep ripping people off.

My hubby is returning the tv and will take the hit to his credit it's not even on his credit report until u default, best thing to do is pay it off after its defaulted RAC loans are all 36 months no matter what you get so what cost 1000+ will cost u 7000. Bottom line is credit building is a scam read fine print 3x and if you have the money buy what you can afford, we have benefits and discounts we don't use and can't ***, the reps at brandsmart are actually nice, but it's the company that's a scam I can't wait for a class action lawsuit.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Location: Pembroke Pines, Florida

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We've been sued before....


RAC Acceptance is a program used to Build/Establish Credit. You don't go the full 36 months or else it would be 3x the original amount.

You make the first 3 monthly payments and pay it off on the forth month. It's a simple concept people. I love how people these days don't fully listen. If you have questions, ask!

Don't sit there like an *** and complain. You went a whole year at $150 a month with the balance not going down that amount? You thought that was perfectly normal? You didn't complain to Management?

Corporate? I'm sorry, I have no pity for *** people.


Hi – I work at RAC and I’m very sorry to hear that you and your husband weren’t happy with RAC Acceptance. We recognize that renting to own is not for everyone, but for others it provides an opportunity to get the things they need in a convenient fashion, and without relying on credit.

We also offer different early payoff options and things like delivery, set-up and maintenance are always included in the price. With payment protection, customers can stop a rental and simply freeze their payments, then pick it back up at any time in the future without losing what they paid in. Our Customer Care team is always willing to help if you have any additional questions or concerns you’d like to address.

Just give them a call at 1-800-422-8186. Thanks, and I hope this was helpful.


R U a consultant in stupidity? U couldnt B 2 high up in the world if U shop at RAC!


Got to love true AMERICANS who think they are intelligent by using BC U and Y as words!!!!!!!!! Also they show their intelligence by thinking a lawsuit is the answer to ALL THEIR PROBLEMS!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I didnt say a class action lawsuit was the answer, I said I can't wait for one meaning eventually they will be held accountable for their actions. Obviously your life is very entertaining, that "u" :) spend your time looking for grammatical errors and shorthand slang.

You must lack intelligence why you feel you need to demean others, by the by I have an advanced degree and a consultant job..what do you have. Most people are over zealous when they walk into these store and do impulse buys, I was sharing my hubby's story and being emphatic.

Maybe "u" will understand this Ian an open forum and I can write however "howeva" I like. RAC is still a scam....no matter the type of person you are it can happen to anybody.


Check for those errors too buddy :sigh

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