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UPDATE: I spoke with the region\'s DM and after I vented all of this information, she responded saying that the previous Manager who changed the contracts was no longer with the company, (sound familiar?), and that all she was concerned with was \"where was my March Payment\". No apology, no explanation at all; just \"Where\'s the money?

Be sure to know that I will writing every single person above her in the food chain until she is reprimanded-or fired!! The RAC customers pay her $75K-$80K annual salary plus bonus she receives, and it must be earned by showing business respect to everyone.

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2012

I purchased $13K of furniture from Value City in Cordova, TN. Paid $10K on my AMEX, and financed balanced with RAC (90 Days same as cash was intent).

Attempted to setup auto pay on the Epay site, but contract # was not accepted. Contacted Kimberly @ store and she claims the DM re-wrote the initial contract due to error on her part and deleted the original one that I signed. Note: This was on February 1, and I was just informed that there was a new contract # on Wed, 04/26. I have not signed anything to date.

Kimberly offered to "come by my house with the new agreement for me to sign". I think not!!! I was in the hospital for 10 days following knee replacement and they were aware, yet they called all of my references, multiple times daily.. For what?

Because my March payment was not accepted because it was a certified check from Chase Bank. Get this-They don't accept certified funds.

Well, last night I simply paid the balance in full. We'll see what they call about now??

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@Anonymous.. I work for RACacceptance and I assure we are thoroughly open about how our program works...

Although you unfortunately have those who cut corners, however that is every company... I tell my customers about how they would pay 3.5 times what they have financed... As for calls we only call references if your 7 days past due and we call you after you miss your payment to follow up not harass you... Pay your bill on time there won't be issues...

Don't judge a company as a whole just because you didn't like your experience.... I enjoy my job very much cuz I help people purchase items they wouldn't get through other lenders...


This comment is to LOL, some consumers cannot afford to pay for their purchases with cash, I'm assuming by your comment you have that luxury! I do agree that this so called company that is yes, owned by Rent A Center, is the biggest rip off that has come down the pike in a long time.

People should read the fine print, do not purchase the Benefits Plus it just adds 13.77 to your payment every month and all it gives you is coupons! For all of you that are caught up in the RAC scam, good luck, try to pay it off ASAP! There are many companies out there that deal legally and honestly, you need to do your homework. They discriminate also practice illegal business.

I can prove everything I say! So believe me DO NOT sign on the dotted line.


U ppl should need to get over it n if u don't want to deal with Rac then stop being cheap *** n buy ur stuff all cash instead of trying to window shop n buy *** u can't afford


Lol you are a piece of *** ppl don't have money like that some ppl have a 9/5 stop talking *** you work for them *** that's why you say that ***


you cant do 90 days same as cash with RAC acceptance....and RAC is rent a center...but RAC acceptance is only funded by them, they're not rent a center...if it was you could never PAY IT IN FULL. bc Rent a center only lets you RENT IT...not OWN IT. btw you should READ STUFF BEFORE YOU SIGN IT.


I went to purchase a bedroom set from rtg on April 13. I have used their in house credit before throus.

gh trs. But the last time I purchased furniture rac had taken over for trs. This has never been an issue because I always paid it off within 30 to 60 days. I lost my job on April 24.

My furniture was delivered on the 20th of April. Needless to say I have been harassed ever since. It got to the point thatmy references were harassed daily. I had an opportunity to review my contract which I see now is so very illegal.

What I do know is that the penalties on a suit for mis handling consumers for a debt weighs more than the cost of my furniture.

Thank you fair credit reporting act! They broke a lot of rules!


RAC.... Rent A Center.


Your absolutly correct, they have to many issues and excuses for things. They are rip off's no one should ever get involved with them.

It's a good thing you were able to pay it off, because you would have been paying forever...They also do things illegally so watch yourselves before signing on the dotted line. DO NOT sign up for Benefits Plus its another rip off, cancel if you have it.

Its an extra 13.77 / mo. It does nothing for you, it just puts more $$$ in their pockets!

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