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My husband went to Rooms to Go to buy a livingroom set for my birthday.

When he spoke with the RTG staff they told him that if he leased the furniture that it would really help with his credit score.

My husband fell for this lie and chose the lease option after putting $500 down, leaving a balance of $1100.

He assumed that he could pay off the furniture in a couple of months by making balloon payments.This transaction took place in Feb.2012, and this would be the last time they accepted a balloon payment. He was forced to pay only $200 a month. Fast Forward to November 2014, while he was in the field, I happened to be home when one of RAC reps came by our home, my hubby was 14 days late with his payment.

They were threatning to take the furniture, I inquired what was the remaining balane? $1586. What? Where did the down payment and over $4000 go?

Needless, to say my husband keep throwing our money into the wind so I could keep my "birthday gift" and there was only $1500 remaining. I finally got him to understand that the furniture would never be paid off at this rate. We got rid of the Money Pit.

Rooms to Go, RAC Acceptance and Ashley Furniture are affiliated too. Please avoid all three.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Hi, I do some work with RAC and RAC Acceptance and I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with us. We at RAC take pride in providing customers with the right information they need to make the best decisions.

This includes reviewing all payment options and working with our customers to determine the payment plan that’s right for them. As it sounds like this wasn’t the case for you and your husband, I'm hoping you'll call our customer service line at 800-422-8186 and speak with them about your concerns. I know it's one more step for you to take, but giving customer service your feedback is the only way specific issues can be addressed.

So, if you wouldn't mind making that call, you'd be helping us do better in the future. Thank you.

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