In 2012, I entered into 2 separate contracts with RAC. One at a Conns and one at an Ashley's furniture. I paid on the furniture and other electronics for a few months and then when I saw just has costly the merchandise was and how rarely I used the stuff, I made arrangements to return everything. I spoke with Justin at Rac in Conns in Lewisville, TX and with Jerry in the Ashley's furniture in N Richland Hills, TX. They both told me that I could return it with no penalty as it was rent to own. My contract also states that I can voluntarily return the merchandise with no penalty. Well, lo and behold RAC has charged these 2 accounts off on my Experian credi report in an amount totaling almost $8,000. And to make it worse I was denied an apartment this weekend because RAC came up as a red flag. This is horrible! I should have done more research on this company and read the multiple scam reports before I got into bed with them. I am looking in a contracts lawyer to have them review my contract to determine if this is legal.

Store Location: Chantilly, Virginia

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The worse company ever . They ruined my scores for 3 years.

But if you read the contract , they HAVE to pay the lawyers , you don’t have to. Sad , but this company should be out of business.


I was researching the company because I signed with them again for the 3rd time. I have never had a problem with them.

I pay off in the 90 or 120 days and I don't have to pay the crazy fees. I'm trying to understand why so many people have problems. I read my contract and understand it.

I have bought 2 TVs,a kitchen table and now a bed. I guess I'm the only happy one.


You must be work for them. Because everyone including myself has been scam by them that are writing reviews.


I agree they work for them all liars


Hey let me know how that turns out, they told me the same thing at the Ashley store in Universal City. They also said that as of right now they are not allowing anything to come back because they are running out of room in their warehouse!

I bought an icomfort bed threw them and 6 months later the bed has collapsed in the center, well they said they could send someone out to look at it from 8am- 3pm well that might work for them but they don't think that people have to work.

I told them, I don't need someone to look at it I need someone to remove this junk from my home, well to this day they still harass me about the payment and I still reply, "Your Bed is still here and it's waiting on you to pick it up!" And then I hear well sir that's not going to happen! So then I say ok well it'll be by the curb tomorrow and that's yalls responsibility to pick it up!


I am returning my items, because I found out that my payments was higher there, than anywhere else. For the same item.


This happened to me too!


This is the biggest scam targeted at people who may already be in a difficult situation. My experience was through Rooms To Go.

After spending a lot of time picking out furniture and dodging the up-salesmanship for fabric protection etc., I applied for store credit and was refused. I went along with Assurance Now, very nice person at store. After all was said and done, I received my RTG credit card in the mail soon after. Don't know why I was refused in store only to then be approved!

Very suspicious...and yes I want to return furniture and was told it will effect my credit even though I made timely payments. We need a class action suit.


Sign the petition for BBB against them. I also am a victim and was led on by signing documents.



WOW! :-(


I hope you find one. Those jacked up interest rates are crazy.

They had a big savings sale in December at south ridge store charleston even. Wouldn't let me have the whole 25% off because I had purchase thru acceptance now. I was only allowed to get 13% off my purchase.

Wasn't told that till I spent hour picking out furniture. I think that was very tacky on Ashley's part


I rented a flat screen television and realized that I could purchase one a lot cheaper during Black Friday. I called and asked if I could make arrangements to return the TV and I was told that RAC would report it on my credit as a charge-off.

I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and have gotten to an acceptable credit score. I have never been late on a payment with HH Gregg and I am very upset to hear that if I return the merchandise, I would be penalized. I have reviewed my contract and it doesn't state anywhere that upon return of the merchandise, it would create a negative credit rating.

I will be filing a formal complaint and disputing whatever negative credit rating that appears on my credit report. For those of you who intend on using this finance option, make sure you fully understand the consequences of returning the product.


If you have proof of the arrangement and the contract that details returns, dispute the negatives with all the credit bureaus.


Sign the petition for BBB against them. I also am a victim and was led on by signing documents.



So let me just see if I understand. RAC ruined your credit?

The only people I know who ever went through RAC already had ruined credit.

Thats how they make their money by leasing out products to high risk people who have no other option. Your story sounds so bogus that it worked at RAC and you started this line of *** I would not approve you.


^^^Clearly someone who works for this retarded scamming company


I used RAC Acceptance Now and I don't have horrible credit. I used it because I was pressured to by Bob's Furniture. They told me that it would be better because it would help build my credit "much more than the other way because (they) would report it to each credit agency three times".


Hey you work at Ashley's Furniture in the RAC department! I saw this same comment on another post!


I had horrible credit and they approved me for 3,000! Paid it off and opened another.

My credit score jumped big time. You are right they helped me.


please let us know what you found out about legal rights.. Im in the same boat..3000.00 living room suite is costing me 8000.00 would love to return but do not want it hurting my credit.

thank you and keep us posted

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