I went to bernie and phyls in Nashua NH and purchased merchandise using the RAC program.. I was completely miss informed by a RAC acceptance employee.

I was told that there is no finance fee or charges for the program.I also was informed that i was able to pay off the merchandise before the cotract was up. Which was a lie, when i went to the store to start making double payments i was told NOT to and that the money will only sit in an account to push back my monthly payments.When i explained to the person about what i was told he informed me that the person that handled my contract was no longer working there.So after all i had already paid $1,020.00 on the merchandise and it only took off $200.00 from the total which was 1,612.00. When i spoke to the RAC acceptance district manager about the employee misinforming me,i was pretty much told TO BAD. and i lost all that money...Now thats *** customer service..

So please dont use this program...it is a rip off. you will pay triple the amount in the end..

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

Monetary Loss: $820.

Store Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

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Bernie and phyls

Has to be the worst of the worst when it

Comes to making up there own rules

It seems to me they make it up as they go along

I was sent a 20 percent vip to make a purchase

The 20 percent is to get you in the store Does not cover the entire purchase An unless it's cash or their credit card You are not getting their 20 percent So I advise you all to stay away from These half *** fools Go to a real store Jordan's cardia


I haven't had any issues with the RAC program at b&p's in MA. We bought a couch, which we made monthly payments on for a few months and then paid off fully before the term was up. We were aware of the interest charges, which were very high, but that's what you get for a "no credit check" loan, I guess.


well its interesting that B&P got rid of the acceptance now program - and i can understand why- i love the QUALITY of B&P but the harrassment i have gotten since they dropped them comes out of the BOB'S furniture store now where i live.... must be for that reason - they dont want to work with you - their tactics are terrible..

i went through a major loss of my spouse and i got a empty bucket of condolences .... there is one manager who works there now i will speak with but the employees??

sorry - agressive and disrepectful... i cant wait to be done with them and then i will NEVER go that route again - honestly AARONS rent to own is much nicer to work with even if i have to pay EVEN more for no harrassment!!


Intersteing. All ive read in all these complaints are *** who first off...just sign what theyre told.

Second...they dont read.



Yes, the program is expensive but it is an effective way for the average individual to improve their credit score and the company discloses all costs up front. Probably a good idea to read your agreement and make sure you understand it before signing.

"I was told that there is no finance fee or charges for the program" Read your agreement. About 1/2 way down the first page your agreement will show the total cost of the program.

"I also was informed that i was able to pay off the merchandise before the cotract was up.. Which was a lie" Again, read your agreement. The agreement includes an early payout schedule. You may pay out at any point.


This is so true!!! It happened to me the same way and I ended up paying triple ...People beware this is scam!!!


I am going through this now and have called for customer support and this company has to be the worst that company I have ever been tricked/lied into working with. When calling the store I purchased from no one was literate on the company policies and how that do things and when you call the corporate office they only express their "sympathy" and recommend you continue to make your payments and try to save to pay complete balance at once. "they are here to help", biggest joke ever!


How about you just pay off your bill before your 90 days. And stop making people feel irresponsible like you....if your credit score is bad and you dont want fix it then *** up and let others make their decisions ***...


Hi – I work at RAC and I regret to hear about the confusion you experienced concerning your payments. We always want our customers to be well-informed about payments and the many different payment options available.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-422-8186 if you’d like, and our team would be more than happy to speak to you directly about this. Thank you!



Please STOP!!! I was a manager for RAC, I know what goes on.

Whatever they are adding to your quarterly bonus to monitor this site, you are so, so WRONG!!!! Wake up, gather whatever morals you may have, if any, and find a new job. Quit telling these people to call this phone number, and they will magically be helped, they were beyond help when they signed that contract.

Please quit lying to these people they deserve better.


Anonymous...thank you for being truthful. Hayley or whatever here name is, is full of S*!T. RAC is running this scam from coast to coast.

The more I read, the more I see a pattern. RAC tends to prey on people who want to either rebuild their credit or are trying to establish some credit. They tell the customer's lies in order to trap them into these binding contracts, so that once in, they can suck all the blood (I.E. Money) out of you.

What I would hope, is that people would start a class action lawsuit against RAC. The practices in which RAC uses is against the law or should be anyway. With the economy the way it is, no hard working American should have to put up with scammers like RAC. It's one thing to mark up an item and sell it. It's quite another to mark up the item so high and sell it that one has to give his/hers unborn child kidney in order to pay for the item.

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