I went into Rooms to Go in Ft. Myers Fl ,was set up with RAC Acceptance, when doing the contracts they have a program called Benefits Plus, which says it is optional, I was told I had to take it to get approved, it was more money per month I told him I did not want it again,he explained that it went along with thier contract I had no choice, later after reading all of the paperwork that I signed I went back telling him to take it off, he said we would have to cancel the agreement. I already had my furniture and did not want to give it back, so I felt I had no choice.

Monetary Loss: $13.

Location: Estero, Florida

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So I can cancel the benefits program but keep my insurance? I was told we had to keep the Benefit Program also.

What does it do for you?

have had it for 3 months Was told I would get a card in mail never did. I don't want to pay for something Im not using.


You don't have to pay for it.




Well my people, personally I think that the RAC ACCEPTANCE PROGRAM is a FOB type of ?program to engage more people into it so they can be able to pay a constant salary to their employees. Honestly, that is my opinion. I was never explained that I have to be paying (taxes, rent and liability) in something that I bought!!!!!/after about 12 months someone told me that and I added "I don't need LIABILITY OR RENT IF I ALREADY BOUGHT THE FORNITURE!!) believe me, this is very confused to me/just don't get into that trap.


The only thing you don't pay taxes on is food hun . Maybe next time you should read your agreement first before jumping into an agreement you can't afford to pay.


RAC is a scam. I would not recommend anyone to them. They lie about their program, then they play dumb and act like they don't know what is going on.


A Company like RAC Acceptance is design to take advantage of the poor... why because rich don’t rent or put things on layaway. Rac Acceptance is really “Renter Center” they change their name to deceived people…you go buy a bed for $2000 and your monthly payment is 180 and out of 180, 20 dollars goes throwers the amount that you pay to own the bed…by the time you realize what you got yourself into its too late… its either lose the amount of money that you paid so far or continue paying…and by the time you get to own the bed you paid $7000…its freaking nuts…but people fall into there trap.


The exact same thing happened to me, however when I asked why the payment was so high he couldnt answer me. I paid the first month and then when I couldnt get a straight answer I called and spoke with the district manager.

By reviewing my paperwork they not only charged me for Benefits Plus but also the insurance. The mgr of the local store says oh well if you don't have renters insurance you have to have this, I said "fool I have homeowners insurance" you don't know jack or obviously think you are talking to a light weight know nothing. The District Mgr not only removed both from my account but he also gave me credit for paying both from the first month. When the mgr called me for my next payment I purposely lied to him and said "I will be in today" that went on for 2 wks then I finally answered his call again to make the payment over the phone and he got smart and said "you could just give us a courtesy call" I went off, hung up in his face he calls back leaves a message saying ' you contract just ended, we will be by to pick up the furniture" ha!

now I'm laughing, was he going to break in? LOL!!

I call the DM again he not only apologized for his pathetic employee but he moved my account to another location and they have been very friendly. #dontmesswithtexas


Just to let you know it does not matter that you already had your furniture, Benefits Plus is an optional program. By law if you request that you want it taken off your contract they must comply.If he threatened you by telling you the agreement would be null and void, he is wrong!

Just because you were told to sign something against your will,that's also illegal. If I were you I would first start by speaking with their corporate offices, explained how you were treated and threatened. If you get no where, you call a lawyer. It states in black and white this is optional you do not have to purchase the program, and by him trying to tell you differently is against corporate policy!

Don't let him get away with this. They cannot take back your furniture, over Benefits plus only if you don't make your monthly payments.


I am a RAC manager in Illinois. Not all of us are bad people.

I am actually truthful with how the program works. I apologize for my coworkers across the country. I could easily sell more people by lying but I prefer to tell the truth. Everything is mapped out though in the contract, waiver form and benefits plus form.

You should always read what you are signing and not just go by what the person tells you.

Make sure you read everything and ask questions.

RAC Acceptance has helped a lot of my customers but that is because I am up front only sign people that understand everything.


I live in NewYork and was just accepted for $1500 at MyBobs. I wanted to make an initial payment of $800 and pay off the rest within the next month and a half. My question is would I be allowed to do that?


Rac Acceptance, is not a program to "Help you

raise your credit score". It is there to make money, the money we work so hard for, and to put money into the furniture stores pocket also.

Even calling corporate and speaking to a regional director ( which just to let you know there is no such title)Normally gets you no where you got lucky! District Managers are just paper pushers, they come from all backrounds and normally not anything to do with retail/Leasing or Rentals. For all of you out there that need help getting furniture, electronics etc.... there are many other places to go....

Once you get involved with RAC Acceptance your hooked for life! Buyer Beware!!!!!


this is for comment number. RAC is stands for rent a center.

It is rent to own.. LOL.. If you guys really have this many complaints. Seriously call corperate..

they will take care of you. probably even give you the couches free..

the best call are when the phone calls hit the regional director. not the district managers...


We purchased our furniture and was told if we every had a problem let them know they will fix it well in jan 2012 i told them about my couch saging it took about 2 more weeks or longer to get to my house then it has been sence march and its still not fixed and she got rude with me over this i told them to come and get it am going back to rent to own .


Same thing happened to me. That manager they have there is like a used car salesman or a lawyer, take your pick! They are RIP OFFS

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