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I got 3 items from Bob's furniture for the amount of 1,797.00$ and I have already paid in 10 months of the contract 1859.57$. Now, in order to own this item that I ALREADY PAID, they want me to pay 1500$ extra to own this item.

This is a total ABUSED. And my contract do not explain none of this verbal charges. It just says that if you don't make the full payment of what you took they will proceed getting the items you took and you will lose the money you paid for it. And neither explain that you will end paying the double or triple of what you really think you own them.

I just want everybody to know what this company is about. Read we'll and ask question before you sing any paper to this people.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

  • RAC Fraud
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The contract clearly states your buy out after each payment is made. It's a no credit check program so it's more expensive but it's your responsibility to manage your finances so you can pay off early and not pay into all those fees


Hi, I work with RAC Acceptance and I’m sorry to hear about this. We always want to make sure we explain all of the terms and conditions of our rental agreements to our contracts, so what you’ve described isn’t the way we like to do business at all.

We’d certainly like to speak with you directly to answer any other questions or concerns you have and see what we can do to help make things right, so please give us a call at 800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance. Thank you.


wow reading all these complaint of unprofessionalism and bad aggressive abusive customer service I experienced the same thing they are nice and peachie but when they get your signature their persona changes and reguarding myself I experience that all the time the manager flips the scrip adds more fees

every month I make I payment its a different amount I have argued with her about this benift blus insurance and waiver damage fees I have made a complaint with what I was told was the corporate offices and they were very expressed concerned and empathy and I to was also told they do not do

business like that and they would forward my concerns to the DM in my area well he took a while to

return my call I called the 800 # again and asked about my complaint # and follow was told the DM called me 1 time I never answered so he closed the complaint im like well 1st of all he never left a voicemail message if he called me so I can return my call so they resubmitted my concerns he called me times and finally I we spoke and he got loud with ne while I was complaining about my abusive treatment and he was rude and cut me off and I was told that I was explained all this in the agreement

and there and I signed so yes I have to pay and I said no cause in the contract it states optional waiver damage and was not explained that part I was hardly not explained a lot of the terms and conditions of the agreement and I was told that if I don't pay my stuff will get repoed im like look sir I never have missed a payment I buy products and you want to go there its cool cause im going to be honest she had plenty of opportunity to explain to me that I have signed to opt in to the waiver damage fee but she didn't there were months were she attempted to try to charge me WD and I said no iam not paying that fee the product do not leave my home and I know iam responsible she did not appreciate hearing that so it was not to the beginging of march that my laptop went out and I just made my last payment and was told I own it and its not insured cause I made her cancel the benifts plus and she threw it in my face that I called customer service and iam like wait you told me that the insurance don't cover hardware or software so common sense why should I pay for a service I cannot use well the DM calls me I iam listening to the tone of his voice and he is telling me it is my fault I should've not canceled my insurance and take it back and I have to pay for repairs and they got me my phone cracked so I was thinking its time for a upgrade anyways I have the other insurance so she waited unitil I agreed signed then told me if I damage this phone I cant get another one and the benift plus wont cover the phone cause it is not insurance in like what the *** Is going here she *** with me iam paying for insurance I cant use and a new phone and iam being treated in a abusive way no respect and I am a inconvience when I ask questions iam paying for services I cannot use and iam being treating like iam slow and you don't disrespect people like that and are rude cause man really this is just convience and well I do believe that it would be a good thing to stop doing business I have learned from a lot my past behavior and that *** is not worth it had I been younger I would have been on but I shouldn't have to feel like that so rac abusive yes and I wonder if when they leave the stores how do they feel when run into people in the streets that they *** with and disrespect at work what they think and feel I will be calling the 800# again see what there going to so now

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