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We recently purchased furniture through Ashley Furniture RAC Acceptance program. We paid the furniture off with in the first 60 days.

First lesson you cannot pay down the principle each month. Second lesson when you call to pay it off, the price will very we called three times in three days for payoff and no one could give us the same number. Our payoff was 10.00 short you would have thought we stole the 3000.00 we spent with them. The RAC store manager was RUDE Mario in Springfield.

He told me if I posted anything online about my service there "LAWYERS" would come after me. In all my years of business this is the WORST customer service I have ever seen. Buyer beware!

If I would have paid the program through I would have ended up paying 7,000.00 on a 3000.00 set. Really there business tactics should be illegal!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I'm in. I was thinking of buying from Ashley home in Dublin.

My 1699.00 pit group will cost me 189.00 per. Month for 20 mos. Which is 3700.00 dollars. Humm *** ?

2000.00 interest? ??


Anonymous less than a minute ago

Please everyone who has complaints in Acceptance now. Please post your complaints on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instigram. Nobody is seeing your complaints on this site you must post on social media to let the world know what big crooks acceptance now and RAC are...


IT IS HAPPENING TO ME IVE BEEN PAYING THIS SO CALLED MATTRESS THAT A SALES GUY PUT ME IN TO BUILD UP CREDIT BUT IT HASNT AND NOW IM STUCK !!! I HAVE TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT OR NOTHING AND EVERY TIME I PAY $150 IT ONLY GOES $43 DOLLARS TOWARDS PRINCIPAL THAT MEANS they are charging me 70% interest this is a total ripoff and I think its illegal everytime I pay its frustrating how people like me have good faith and try to make the effort to circulate economy when scam artist like this screw people up !!!

shame on these rats but guess what they will never get my business again and from probably I would say 123 people that have gone to my house and admire my furniture I tell them what happened to me with the matress from *** and I know they will never go to Kanes furniture even thou they are not directly envolved but why did they let this bastards from rac get that messed up program !!!! :(


Kyle ur full of it, I have worked there and everything thses people write id true if u go the full term u pay 3 times the amount TRIPLE the value of the furniture.


They are ***!

They just changed it to paying twice the price because the RAC employees in Stamford told me that the company realize that they were ripping people off by charging 3 times the price over the finance term,but cannot change mine to 2 times so even though they changed it I have to either come up with the balance or go full term which equals paying 3 times.


but wasn't the $7000 reported paid in full when you did pay out and paid paid nothing near that amount??? i don't hear you complaining about that part!


They suck big time they will rip you off you mide as well bend over and get sand up your assand get a dry ***, and they are rud and Jay is an ***


Hi – I work at Rent-A-Center and I’m very sorry to read about your experience with RAC Acceptance. What you’ve described is never how we want our customers to be treated, and we always want to be sure we’re providing customers with accurate and up-to-date information regarding their account so they can make informed purchase decisions.

Please give our Customer Care line a call at 1-800-422-8186 and let them know about this so that they can address the issue and try to make things right. Thanks.

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