Long story short, I purchased at Ashley Furniture two recliners during the buy one get one free sale. I was approached by RAC and I asked if it was just like I was purchasing from Ashley and he said "Oh Yes" Well !

ON No its not. After the first payment I found out that about $23.00 of my payment was going to the actual pay off amount. I have made a total of 3 payments at $125.00 each. Lost my job about a week ago, missed a payment.

Faxed over the official letter from my job ( I purchased the extra insurance in case) I was told I have to show proof of unemployment,and have my former employer sign a piece of paper. So I got upset, I'll just pay it off I said whats the amount $398.57... Wait the chairs only cost $400.00 so where did my $375.00 go? I remember telling the RAC guy that in October I would be paying off the chairs...

hmmmm really all of a sudden I'm back where I started. Ashley Furniture had a good rep until this.

So tomorrow I'll be filing complaints with every agency I can. Please, Please someone find a way to file a class action law suit against them both RAC and Ashley!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Algonquin, Illinois

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all you are dummies, read the contract carefully and watch out for high interest rates, no one to blame but yourselves. People getting into debt, living beyond their means, pitiful


I just finished paying for my big screen tv. If you follow the agreement you will have no problem...

I kept paying even though I got layed off/no excuses... I think people should read and understand the contract well before signing.


Our story is the same. The same thing happen to me.

I will love to know what can we do about this. :( latoyaparker225@gmail.comg


The more you pay on your account the more you owe. Each time I've made a payment I would ask want is my balance..

Make the next month payment and ask again what is my balance. The payment never goes down. I started subtracting myself. I was told back in June that my balance was $434.00, here it is November and they are still telling me that my account will not be paid off until February 2014.

RAC is a rip off and I'm not going to continue to pay them.

Rooms To Go... Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia, Georgia.


Hi, I work with RAC Acceptance and I’m really sorry to hear that your experience with us so far hasn’t been the best. An item rented with RAC Acceptance is considered to be paid off when you’ve either paid the number of payments shown in your rental agreement or paid the early-payment option amount outlined in your agreement.

you work out an early payoff option with your store. We absolutely value our customers.

If you contact our Customer Care line at 800-422-8186, we can get your account details and escalate the issue so it can be resolved ASAP. I hope this helps!



Is this your job, to post BS, acting like you work for a company

who really "care'", and want to "resolve" the consumers problems and grievances? Do they put a little extra in your quarterly bonus? Or are you like the rest of the peons that are making 9.75 per hour? I'm curious..

This company does nothing but take (rob)the hard earned money of people that just might not have the best credit in the world, but need these goods. And then it's RAC to the rescue..

When I found myself in the position of having to lie day to day to nice, honest people, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror, I got out. I thank the my upbringing, my work ethic, and my morals. Take a good look at yourself tonight when you return home. I wish you nothing but common sense, and some dignity


I no were this person is coming from and it not these individuals doing it...It the company it self ripping off customer like me and everyone around as well. It need to stop now with over pricing 2000 to 3000 dollar more when value less then 2000!!!


Nobody put a gun to your head and made you do it. You probably pay late or have had your merchadise taken from you so your bitter.

you were told upfront what you were paying and for how long.

You even signed a contract stating you knew. Learn to read.


This company suck be aware and stay away from this is rent a center.you never finish payment scam scam is a rip off the *** employees don't tell you everything they take advantage of your existing moments of you buying your stuff

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