Stoughton, Massachusetts

I contracted through RAC Acceptance at Bob's in Stoughton. I rented a dining table, coffee table, end tables, rug, and two reclining chairs.

I returned the furniture because when I purchased it the salesperson told me the tables I bought were real wood. Months later I found out the real wood were actually particleboard. I called the store and asked if I could keep the rug and chairs and return the fake wood products. She told me no and that I would have to return everything.

Considering I entered into a rental agreement, I decided to return the products. Additionally, my contract states it's a rental agreement through a month to month rental and if I decided I no longer wanted the furniture I can return it with no penalty and with no further obligation-as long as I was current when I turned the furniture in. I called the store for two straight months asking for them to pick up the furniture. They kept telling me they would arrange a pick up date.

The date would come and no one would come out. Finally, I told them to pick the furniture up or I would sit it outside. They were out the next day to pick up the furniture. I also made sure and informed them that my payment was current when I first told them to pick up the furniture.

Months later I checked my credit report and noticed Rac Acceptance has placed a $5k + Charge Off on my credit report and the furniture only cost $1,700.00. The company has now had possession of the furniture for the past eight months and have resold and or rented the property to another individual (probably trough Rent A Center) and is also charging me for inflated interest up to 36 months. I rented the furniture for 10 months and made all payments.

I am so frustrated and will be contacting legal to see if I have a case.My contract states Rental Terms, "Monthly," with no maturity date (however, they are charging me for 36 months). Whatever you do run far away from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Property Rental.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I I am rent a dining room table from Rent-A-Center from last year and I am still making payments can someone tell me if there is a class action suit that I can't get involved in because this is ridiculous I am paying $47 every two weeks and cannot finish pay for this table


I'm experiencing the same issue. Please let me know how you get it resolved.

The second day I relived they was charging me 6k for a sofa and Love seat that they say cost 1,700 which really wasn't worth even that. Over 30 days and they still haven't picked it up.

Now it on my cerdit. Bad people that lies.

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