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Acceptance Now is a total ripoff. I have been lied to over and over by these people.

For the last 8 months I have been told my payoff for a $1,200 couch was $900. I have continued to pay $197.00 per month because I did not want to loose my furniture. To date i have paid $2,009.00 and was told today "again" that my payoff was guess what $900. The so called contract is set to expire next year and I will have pd $3,469.00.

This was not made clear to me and I am devastated. I don't know what to do because i am getting no where with the company, the employees, etc.

Can anyone shed light? I really need help.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The same has happened to me with Acceptance Now.They continually tell me my payoff is 1,600.oo but will not provide proof. They have now submitted to credit bureau.

They are a horrible company and total ripoff. I paid 3,600.00 for living room and bedroom set which has been paid in full, but Acceptance Now says I still owe amount above, and I have already paid over 2,00.00 for the furniture that I bought


I have a list of problems with this company and it started in feb 2017,My couch and table broke ,I had the table taken back ,I spoke to cooperate and they made good and they let me pik out my new couch ! However month following The manager I dealt with never put nothing in the computer and no notes !

They said i had to renew a contract in april but my money paid wont go towards my ne contract ! Bam ,I got my new couches and then they said okay you will have to sighn a new contract again ? I missed the 90 days pay off but the manager said *** give me an extension so i was short a grand to be paid off ? they said there are no notations in the systems ,?

We are in may 2018 and they called me saying i didnt make a full payment in feb? Im like hmm what I have the bank statement to prove it ! So now im getting 10 calls a day i stated i cannot make the payment till the 3rd So I asked them can you call once a day not a million a day ,The lady stated to me this ''So can we call you 5x a day not 10x ?

"I let her know im recording her so her bosses know how she speaks to people . I am thinking calling an attorney


Absolutely, it’s a SCAM!! I’m currently caught in the same situation, same lies!!!I’ll have to pay triple value of the furniture’s worth!!!


This is a bait and switch company that gives you a fair market offer of credit and then calls you back about a "mistake in your favor" that they found and it will result in letting you pay off earlier for less but just go ahead and make the payment you were quoted to keep the deal active. when you question this, thy say, we will send you the new paperwork but go ahead and pay your amount due and everything will be adjusted.

of course you won't get anything and on the day of payment, call them and they say.."you have to pay immediately or there are terrible consequences, we can't send out anything now until we receive your payment. our Lawyer is on the way to smack these crooks down, we're not the average consumer. we only wanted a 90 day pay window but they wanted to rope us into multiple months.

I'LL update you all when the issue is settled. What a good day!


Call the store and tell them you want to pay out the agreement with the DM, tell them you know for a fact that the RV( remaining value) in the merchandise can't be no more than maybe 300, and tell them you are not paying a cent more. You do not have to answer your door, you dont have to answer your phone heck you can even change your number.

@Chris J

Hello Chris,You really shouldn't be offering Financial advice to people. What you are basically saying is you signed a contract knowing your options to pay and think you found a scam to get out of it.

So please tell everyone how it helped your credit by going this route or does it show as a chargeoff? Your items are worn and broken now and have no good credit history to get a low interest rate oh no now nobody wants to help you.including acceptancenow.

But hey luckily for you, you can be proud that you thought you found a quick solution to get out of a debt you owed. GREAT ADVICE

@Present employee

So if it helps your credit which it has been reported to mine and says I have paid 100% of the 26 month contract, why do I still get calls about owing money? Too many people have negative things to say about this company, that's not a good sign!

@Chris J

Which is the reason that people like you and many of the other posters have bad credit and are forced to go to companies like this.


I’ve read a whole bunch of reviews and it’s mostly from customers who don’t read the contracts. If you guys actually sit there and read it and pay attention instead of rushing out you guys would understand.

IT IS A LEASE TO OWN there is a 90 day same as cash from when the agreement starts if you pay it off within the 90 days you pay what the furniture is and 12% leasing fee if you don’t pay off within the 90 days there is no penalty but a third of your monthly payments goes towards insurance and LDW and a third of it goes towards the balance. If you get approved for $2250 for 30 months you have 30 months to pay it off you don’t have to take it out for 30 months you can pay it off whenever you would like but if you take it out for the full 30 months you will be paying more than the furniture because again it’s a lease to own program not something free. And if you are past due they will call your home and cell number, they don’t call references until the 7th day same as employment. If you owe credit cards or any company money they would call your home and cell just like ANY OTHER COMPANY.

If you can’t pay on that day all you have to do is call them and give them a day when you can pay so they can put that in their system instead of having to call you every day. Don’t dodge their calls and they won’t have to keep calling you.

And yes they will call you because they need their money just like any company. Read the contract and listen to the sales associate.


One thing that is not mentioned is the interest rate. I mean its not in the contract at all.

I believe this is illegal.

If people knew that if the entire purchase is not paid in full in 90 days and only 30% of what you've been paying is actually going towards the damn furniture they wouldn't do it. NOWHERE is this specified in the contract they make you sign.


The contract is legal and binding and was written by a group of attorneys. There is no interest rate. It is 3 times the amount of the merchandise.


States have laws on maximum interest rates that can be paid by a comsumer. If the three times the exceeds that rate it is illegal at least in my State.

But under obligation of the consumer to bring it to attention. And in that case it doesn't matter how many attorneys are working and writing contracts the contract is null.


Hello,It is explained to you when you open your contract. We tell you your three options of paying.

Least expensive 90 days 12% interest of retailers cost. 2nd option pay off anytime before lease ends with no penalty or most expensive make every payment till end of lease.

We can't tell you how much interest you will pay upfront because we don't know when you will pay off. Just look at your schedule you can see your buyout on which month you payoff if you surat the total Mont to month you will see what is interest and what goes towards furniture.

@Present employee

Sorry subtract month to month

@Present employee

I was not given 3 options. Nor was I given a schedule.


Imagine if all these sorry deadbeats wailing about a C/A suit were to get into one courtroom! They authorities would need to bulldoze the entire block due to the stench!

If 32 of these sorry deadbeats were to get in one room, you'd have a full set of teeth!

A film crew would be there to tape a documentary entitled, "Illiteracy In America". The sorry habitual, serial deadbeats...the disgrace of America!


They call when account is not even due yet and then 5 to 8 times a day every day after the due date. My account has been a few days late but never more than 30 days.


If you just can't stand their BILL COLLECTORS calling what YOU promised to do...PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME! I mean, how OBVIOUS is that???


Again. A debt is not collectable at least in my State has neglected thirty days. A reminder call can be made once in a seven day period but not a demand to pay.


I really can't believe they call 5 to eight times a day. This may come as a shock but when you have 300 customers there isn't enough time in a day to call anyone that many times.

Also believe me we don't like calling, we call once in morning and once in the evening. All you have to do is contact store and let them know what's going on, we do try and work with you.

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