RAC inside the furniture stores, my contract clearly states 60 days past due than they will come get their furniture. I was only 20 days past the due date; I explained to them I had lost my job and that I would pay both payments on Dec.31st; but instead of trying to work with me about anything they get pissed off cause I stopped answer the phone when they was calling me 20 times a day and I was telling them the same thing so I didnt see the point of answering the phone anymore.

When you purchase the furniture and sign all the paperwork you get a benefit thing that says your payments are covered if you lose you job; but they didnt care about discussing that.

It was poor service from the first day and I will never purchase anything through them. God forbid if they happen to lose their job and only get behind on bills by a few weeks.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

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all I have to say is if you paid your *** it wouldn't have been taken from you. if you lost your job " involuntarily " you would qualify for unemployment.

Put you pride aside and apply for unemployment - if that's ALL you have to do to get those ppl to pay your *** then do it! Lastly people don't get fired for no reason.


Hi- I work at RAC and I can shed some light on your situation. Number one when you decided to stop communicating with the store that is when the decision was made to pick up your furniture.

Number two, it is your responsibility as a functioning adult to make the proper decisions, such as actually going to the store when you lost your job, and I will stress communication again. If you had called the store from day one of losing your job to inform them they would have worked with you, had you come in to fill out the paperwork for Benefits Plus Involuntary Unemployment Payment Waiver, in which they would have submitted to Benefits Plus for review.

Now, if you read the fine print in the Benefits Plus book you would see that it is NOT an automatic approval, and that you are only able to be approved in the first place if your on unemployment.

In the future it's best that you read over any contract you sign, seeing as I don't even think you where aware that the merchandise is NOT your's until you pay off the merchandise.


You're a ***. And..they dont tell you that you have to be receiving unemployment check to get benefits plus coverage.

Its crazy that I could pay that pmt if I actually got an unemployment check and wouldnt need the coverage.

You're rude and a ***.....these people pay a lot of money for your cheap furniture and you know youre ripping them off. Then, you want to take their furniture...big scam....so you can resell it.


Get a job and keep it you ***.

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