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I have a simular situation to some posts here, I have been current with all my payments until I was involved in a accident, with the benefits plus program that I have I was told that I would be covered for either 4 months or $1000.00 well that be said 3 months into my injury, late March (Jan-March) they call and say they I owe for March and I explained about my coverage, well they looked into it , in the meantime the incompetant person handling the matter was fired and a temp person who replaced that person who is just as imcompetant did not have clue of my benefits plus, After trying to reach the District Manager/Manager and Corporate and getting no call backs, frustrating! Fianally I was told after weeks on end that they said the paperwork was never signed by my Doctor, Called my Doctors office and they never received anything from RAC, Now they say I owe 3 months/ so I offered a 2 month payment even with this dispute and they would not take payment, within this time frame talking with them they sent a letter for furniture pick up, luckly enough are payoff is under $1500.00.

We opted into this contract knowing that we would be paying over and above the cost of the furniture, But like some people today their/our credit is not the best but even paying $215 a month we could offord, it is are credit not cash flow.

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Hi, I work with RAC and I’m truly sorry to hear about this. We always want to help our customers out wherever we can, so what you’ve described is certainly not the way we like to do business at all.

Please give us a call at 800-422-8186 right away so we can have someone look into this and get this resolved ASAP. Thank you.

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