First off, let me say that this was my first experience leasing furniture. I had purchased furniture before (paid in full with cash), but never leased. I decided to lease my furniture only to improve my credit.

With that being said, I had lots of question and did not want to feel rushed to complete the process. Today 4-14-2018, I experience degraded,rude,impatient,belittle and discrimination encounter with the leasing Rep (Gena) at waldorf,MD location(BoB's Furniture Store). Ms.Gena was the rep processing my paperwork, while doing so, I wanted everything explained as to what I was signing and agreeing. My comprehension level was not to Ms. Gena standard.

I asked Ms.Gena to break down the fees cost, the payment option and method. I also wanted Ms.Gena to explain the consequences if payments was not paid on time, and if you have the option to make extra payments and how. Basically, everything that I'm signing the fees calculation break down etc. THAT highly upset Ms.Gena. Ms.Gena said that I was DUMB, and obviously it is impossible for anyone to help me. She insult my intelligence and character. She said to me" I am done with you" " I am cancelling your contract" "You see that I am the only one here, and this young lady is waiting, and i have to return a phone call" I said excuses me!! I was here first, and you are frustrated with me, because I'm asking you to go over everything one more time???!!!!!! She said "No!! "You are rude and toying with me, because if you don't understand after all this time than no one can help, because if you think I'm going to go over this with you 55,000 times-I'm NOT!!!!" She went on to say " I'm giving you back your $49.00, because this is ridiculous!!!" I replied back and said what if- I am illiterate and my comprehension level process is not faster than the next person, that doesn't give you the right to become frustrated with explain a contract 6 or 7 times. She shook her head, rolled her eyes and said whatever. She said "let someone else help you if they can" That's when the BoB's sales rep (Shauna) over heard the loudness argument and tried to calm the situation. I asked for the manager info,whom I will be calling tomorrow. I am reaching out because the level of disrespect was an attack on my character and self-esteem. This furniture I selected was an birthday gift for my father's, and Ms.Gena knew it. Ms.Gena did not have the proper patient in customer care, my gift would not be deliver, and my self-esteem and character has been distraught. Please reach out to me to protect the next customer experience.

Thank you for your time reading my complaint!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Pros: Impatient, Degrading, Foul mouth discrimination.

Acceptance Now Cons: Msgena leasing rep, Acceptance now over priced leasing fees, Everthing bad, Exceptionally high lease fees, Agent.

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