Cleveland, Ohio

I have not had any bad experiences with them and my credit has been going by with them Yeah I understand the anger of people but if we had good credit we would not have to use them and paying a little more for a second chance is not so bad people don't forget they gave u a chance to get what u need !!!!!!!!!! So before u go bashing a company that helps ur *** try looking in the mirror and realizing u *** up on several occasions in your life and be thankful that these people even talk to u to give u a second chance !!!

Reason of review: Being given a second chance.

Acceptance Now Pros: Value city in brookpark ohio.

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Some people have no credit and have to start somewhere... its not always about bad credit. As long as people continue to accept and defend predatory lending they will have suckers!


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. Thank you so much for the review! We look forward to helping you furnish your home with more products!

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