We purchased 2 Chester drawers, 2 nightstands and 1 Tv chest and after getting it all home we realized we didn't have enough room so we took a nightstand back the next day...after 15 days of waiting for someone to call me which didn't happen so I called them to find out that the return wasn't applied to my balance which was $1064 but instead they took it upon themselves to remove a payment instead..who say I will be with you all one more month..but on top of that the balance went up $4...WTF!!...WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANY ONE I KNOW...THAT IS FOR SURE!..#neveragain#

Store Location: Ferguson, Missouri

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I am looking into having this company looked into I have called BBB and written letters to higher officials state wide and plan to see if I can get looked at nation wide this company needs stopped. Title loan companies and payday loan companies did similar things to people and the supreme court later put restrictions on them so they're monitored and unable to charge people outrageous amounts. There is no reason a person should pay 4 times original price and be charged fees every month and per room of furniture etc.


RAC ACCEPTANCE IS NOW ACCEPTANCE NOW! Company name changed but still ripping people off.


Hi, I do some work with RAC Acceptance and wanted to take the time to apologize for your experience with us so far. What you’ve described is never the way we’re instructed to do business, so I encourage you to give our Customer Care line a call at 1-800-422-8186.

They can help figure out what’s going on with your account. I hope this helps!


The term is "chest of drawers."


Who gives a *** how you spell it ***.. the problem is the customer service not proper spelling, you think maybe they were upset.

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