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I asked the representative if I can pay this loan agreement off early and he stated yes. I now know for a fact he did not inform me of their policy of not allowing consumers to pay more than the agreement and you must pay the total balance.

The fact that he omitted to tell me that the only way to pay it off is to pay the entire balance and not be allowed to double or triple my monthly payment is more than just misleading, but fraud. If I was given the entire company policy on their "early purchase option", I may not have agreed to buy the bed.

When I called the company and complain I only got a "I'm sorry this happened. He then went on to say he tells all of his staff to inform consumers the entire policy.

Reason of review: Misinformed of their early pay off policy..

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Absolutely disgusted by this company acceptance now from Ashley's furniture. They also gave me misleading information on payments and how the interest worked we ended up paying over 3500 for furniture that was intinally 1900 I will never trust them with my business again minpulated me and my husband and I hope they never make another dime!!!


I am having the same problem. I did 90 days same as cash.

Was told there are no penalties or fees for paying off early. Ive been making the minimum payment plus a couple of hundred dollars, thinking it was going to bottom line. Was informed if I make extra payments, it only goes to next payment. I can only make minimum or pay it off all at once.

Was never told this or I would have never agreed to the terms.


They told me that we could make double payments to pay off the furniture early, in 90 days, then she stated we would just have to pay the remaining balance of the rental agreement. They spent a lot of time writing up the rental agreement, and spent no time on the early purchase options agreement.

It is about 1 small paragraph, extremely vague, and you can't get exact amounts of what you'll be paying. Basically, we're stuck with an 18 month contract, paying close to 4 times the cash price..oh, and don't be late on payments, make sure they're taken out of your account as I've heard that they will repo your things and still make you pay the remaining balance on your contract, so always make sure your payment goes through.

The stress having to worry about this company is absolutely terrible. They don't work with you, they get you in, then work against you.


Hi, I work with Acceptance Now and I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience with us. We always want to make sure that our customers are completely informed of all the terms and conditions of their contracts, so what you’ve described is definitely concerning.

I know you’ve already given us a call, but we’d like to look into this further, so if you could reach out to us at 800-422-8186 as soon as you get a chance, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!


I have a similar issue..I am Furious and going to talk to the manager tomorrow in the store. If they do not budge and deduct what I already paid I am calling my lawyer.

They never sent me the break down of payments, balance and additional ridiculous fees they charge. It also was never discussed at the time of purchase or I would have just paid cash! The total was 1,299.00 I have paid 1,100 already and they are saying my remaining balance is $1,179.00!!?!

Wtf! Such a scam and I know a lot of people and plan to spread the word like wild fire of the scam of Acceptance Now through social media as well my connections.


This is a lie. Employees are specifically instructed to withhold information from customers.

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