Basically the sofa i bought total was $537 which supposedly included tax and delivery. I paid down $200 and was told i was in the 90 day same as cash program $120 per month for 3 months..last payment was to my inderstanding was supposed to be December 15.

I made that payment on 12/14 and thought i was done..i get a friendly reminder that i have a payment due 1/15 so i call the store, left a mesaage for a return call to get things straight..come to find out somehow i still owe $375..WTF?? $200 down 3 payments of $120 how does that equate to me still owing $375 on a $537 total bill...no matter how many times they explained it..i could not understand why i atill owed ANYTHING!

I spoke to the managed who said she could offer me a buyout, which was still another $150 beyond the 500+ i already paid and they would consider it "paid off". These people are loan sharks..trust me do NOT buy anything where they are the creditor..you will live to regret it when u realize after you thought something was paid off it really isnt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Hello when you made your down payment it was explained to you that you were paying for your delivery upfront a processing fee and depending on what date you picked the first or the 15th you paid a portion of your lease payment to get you to that date plus taxes.So not all of that total of 200.00 came off your furniture cost only a portion then you said you made 3 payments of 120,00 that only adds up to 360.00. If your furniture added up to 537,00 then you add the 12% for interest you would have had a balance that needed to be settled by your ninety days. Your schedule that was given to you shows your date the ninety days is on and your balance that needs to be paid by that date.


If you're doing the same as cash 90days option, You Must pay it off on the 90th day. You have to actually go into the store or call over the phone. My family and I have used them for years and our credit scores went up tremendously.


We need to build our credit and are thinking of doing this. The reviews seem horrible though.

Can you please explain to me how to buy furniture and pay it off within the 90 days where you won’t get screwed? Thanks.


Hello you will given a schedule that will show you at the bottom when your 90 days is up and the balance that needs to be paid by that date. It's up to you to make the necessary payments to pay off by then.

For example if your balance is 420.00 and your monthly payment was 135.oo you can double or triple it each month or you can make a regular monthly payment the first 2 months and pay the remainder off in your third month.

Just make sure you payoff by the date listed on bottom of schedule. Hope this helps

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