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Acceptance Now may seem like a good deal, but if you do not pay it off within those interest-free months they will rob you for the rest of your time trying to pay them off. I got $1300 worth of furniture, with payments of $174 a month.

I didn't finish paying within 3 months but I thought I the interest couldn't be that high. I was wrong. I paid that $174 for several months thinking I was paying it all the way down. Over a year later, I called and my balance was only at $1000!!!!!

I was furious!!! I ended up going a few weeks ago to pay it off and had to pay a little over $1000. I asked the clerk, "so all the money I was paying went to interest"? And she said "yes".

And had the nerve to give me a "congratulations, furniture owner certificate". I ripped it up in the parking lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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In other words YOU chose to NOT abide by the terms of the offer and now your only purpose in coming here is to cry, whine and stomp your feet during your immature temper tantrum. YOU failed to stick to the terms of the deal!

Who did??? YOU DID! Period.

End of story. GROW UP!


Hello I'm sorry for your frustration with acceptance now I presently work there and I also get frustrated when I read all these negative reviews. Most of the problems are with customers not understanding or paying attention to the contracts there signing.

We go over everything with our customers when they open their leases and once there payments are late or they pass the 90 days it's always we didn't explain it properly. You mentioned that you never asked for your balance in over a year why is that?

Did you receive a schedule showing you your balance for every month to the end of the lease? I only ask because you as the consumer should know where every dollar is going so is it really bad customer service or is it frustration because you had to pay more?

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