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I wanted to purchase a refrigerator that was on sale during labor day. I was closing on a house so I didn't want to have my credit pulled, so I went to this sharks.

Why the heck did I get myself into this. First off all, the dishonest sales woman added a "benefits plus" membership to my order without telling me. When I look thoroughly thru the contract I notice that I'm paying $15 a month for a bunch of *** that includes coupons, and discount rates for a bunch of stuff that I have no use for. What infuriated me was that she slipped it in without asking, and I would've never known if I didn't look thru the contract.

So I call them and tell them I want to cancel and they tell me that I actually have to go in person at the store to get it done. So now I have to drive 25 mins to remove something I didn't ask to purchase anyway. I also ask if it's possible that I make a larger payment than scheduled payments online, the answer: No, off course, you actually have to go to that location for that. Why?

Cause the want to deter you by any means possible from paying within the 90 days same as cash.

The *** lady also said that they would not report to the credit bureaus til 30-45 days. Who got an alert within 4 days from my credit monitoring that I opened an account with them. This is the most sorry company I've ever seen. Definitely predatory lending.

Thank goodness I closed on my house.

I will be paying these bastards off in 2 weeks, and NEVER, EVER do that again. I'll make sure I let everyone I know know about these thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Appliance Leasing.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Dallas, Texas

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Hi there, I work for Acceptance Now. We'd be happy to look into your account further and see if we can help clear things up. Whenever you get a chance, please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-422-8186.

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