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Also when the furniture got delivered the guys brought us damaged furniture. Then Bob's furnitures customer service couldn't get anything correct and they kept sending us damaged parts and then also wrong parts.

This was a non stop process for over a month.

Then the last time everything was delivered, the delivery guys ruined our 2 walls, damaged our oak banister, knocked down our shelf that had breakable valuables on them...left without saying anything and I had to find out after the fact. Now Acceptance Now wants to keep taking our money when in fact they owe us money to fix all the damages done in our home from their movers.

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I have acceptance now through Bob's furniture. Our sectional we got was only 1,700.

We put down 400.00 of our hard earned money. Little did we know we weren't paying on furniture to own but to find out we were renting to own after finding out they are the same as Rent A Center. That company is Very shady and deceiving. Never once going through the process did they tell us it was rent to own if we past the 90 days same as cash and they were owned by Rent A Center.

If we knew that...we would have NEVER gone through with it. They do it on purpose so they have you in their tight grips. Everytime I called to a get a balance, it changed all the time. We have been paying on this couch since 2018 of March and our payment the last time I called went up and we owed 1,800.

Now how the *** could that be possible!? Where the heck has our money been going and going towards. How the heck can this be legal or even allowed? We also fell on hard times and money was stolen from our acct etc and our bank had to close our accts.

Since then my husband kept forgetting to call them (AcceptanceNow). Now we are a good few months behind and I'm afraid they will call the police on us for theft etc. I have heard and read horror stories about them doing that. To tell you the truth, they can come get their *** furniture as I'm not paying 6k on a sectional that is not even worth that...its not even real leather.

In my eyes they are the ones doing theft as they are stealing money from our pockets. This company needs to be shut down....the whole thing along with Rent A Center. I will also sue them for harrassment as we also have them through Value City which our file was turned over to Rent A Center when Acceptance Now closed their location inside Value City. They called me daily 5-6 times a day with leaving non-stop messages and showing up at my house...my private home twice leaving notes on my door.

That is true harrassment. My neighbor is a police officer and I will get him involved. This is unacceptable and very inappropriate business practice. Im going to the BBB and I will file harrassment.

Acceptance now needs to stop screwing around and give correct payments and no more saying its one amount and then saying its another amount etc. COME GET YOUR STUPID FURNITURE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Acceptance Now Cons: Everything they are liars.

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"Little did we know " Translation: Either I didn't bother to READ or UNDERSTAND what I put my name to. How could you have not known this was a lease thing?

It says it right there on the website...As far as having you in their "tight grips," did they roll out Luca Brasi and have him hold a gun to your head and forced you to sign that which you didn't read nor understand? At the end of the day, does it really matter that it's a lease(that you can buy out) when you haven't paid in months. How can you even fix your mouth to whine when you weren't paying anyway. As far as harassment, they want their money.

It's simple! With regards to the horror stories, the only story you need to worry about is being sent out to collections, sued and find your wages garnished. You'll have a judgment on your credit which is probably terrible anyway. As far as your cop neighbor is concerned, NO ONE CARES about them.

First off, this is a civil matter. Secondly, do you really want to tell your neighbor you're a serial deadbeat who doesn't pay their bills or have enough sense to READ & UNDERSTAND what you agreed to. OK, this is the part where dead beats say "You must work for them" or "Not everyone can pay their bills on time like people with a silver spoon" or you'll be talking some lame class action nonsense.

The only thing your post is good for is to warn others to be sure they know what's going on before they sign anything. Thanks for that...


Wow who the *** are you to judge someone on what they haven't read? Mind you, we got a little piece of paper...

legal size paper that says nothing to the fact it was rent to own. Also, we had automatic payments, so why would I go on their website? You can go and bash who you think makes you feel better. I dont stand for rude peoples comments such as yours.

It's amazing that you think you are SOOOO smart and you have never not read something in fine prints etc...good for you. Now take your worthless smart *** comments somewhere else. Regardless, acceptance now are scammers and they will scam people until they cant scam any longer.

Hope you sleep good at night since your rude comments make you feel better. So sad....I feel sorry for you.

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