I've used Acceptance Now twice now and have never had a problem. I am thankful I can use them, since I have ruined my credit.

Even if I didn't pay off in 90 days, I paid it knowing there would be interest. Honestly, never a problem. I get tired of people always complaining. How about some positive reviews on here.

My gosh! I will be using them tonight. I will be using them at Value City Furniture. I can't believe people complain, when it's your fault.

They're doing you the favor. So many of the consumers are the problem.

Take responsibility and pay your interest. They did tell you in the beginning there is interest.

Reason of review: Because of Acceptance Now I can have furniture.

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You are a liar! They are not here to help people they are here to take advantage of people.

Over 1500 complaints against this company and one person wants us to believe they care about their customers? You must work for Acceptance Now and want us to believe this is a real customer review.

I'm not buying it. Literally.


Wow this company *** Do not trust them at all. They will steal from you and tell you hey it's your fault.

Yeah they will. I bought PS4 paid it off. I bought some other controllers at Walmart and other stuff. I got the ps 4 vr.

My girl lost job yeah it was hard to make payments. They sent police to break in. But they took everything. I said I bought those item somewhere else.

They say it's my fault because I did not pay. I was like so you telling me.

If you buy a car but you get another car on a loan it's ok for me to take both cars. *** this place.


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We are so happy to hear that you've had a wonderful experience with Acceptance Now. Thank you so much for sharing your great experience with our team!

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