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They take advantage of hardworking people.. I was TOTALLY misled when I purchased my furniture just a few short months ago..I purchased almost $3000 worth of furniture from Adams Furniture in Tyler, Texas on the Loop from a rep named Jon who expressed to me that they were BETTER than Aarons Bcuz they HELP repair and BUILD your credit.. As long as you make timely payments ok I get that.. HOWEVER when I have paid almost 2000 into this furniture how in the *** do I STILL OWE more than it was purchased for?????

Then they charge you for insurance even tho you have your own.. And it don't cover YOU only THEM.. WTH?? My payments was almost $300/ month and I went in thinking I was gone cash it out and this *** by the name of MILTON whom by the way was so RUDE, DEMEANING and THREATNING with his so "NOT USED TO BEING IN A POSITION" *** told me and my ole man that In order for me to cash it out I owed them STILL $2900 I said GTF out've here I could buy a BRAND NEW ENTIRE everything for that!!!

Aarons is NOTHING like these RIPOFFS!!!! Then my ole man asked his ARROGANT ASSININE *** how *** interest are they charging people and this IGNORANT *** said they don't have a interest rate!!! WTF???? I signed a contract that was VERY misleading Bcuz it was explained TOTALLY different than what I understood..So HE started trying to STRONGARM us and WE left Bcuz he was a ***!!!!

And today this MFR have left VM saying he was filing THEFT charges on ME.. I wish I could whoop his lil UGLY arrogant ignorant ***!!! Bcuz if I go to jail it's GONE be with his *** attached to the theft charge!!!! *** MFR!!!!

I HATE the day I EVER put my FIRST hardearned dollar in these bastards hands!!!! I'm reporting them to the BBB too!!! Aarons is NOTHING like this company..EVERYTIME you make a payment with them your balance DECREASES not INCREASES.. Just let me pay wtf the balance is and I will be on my way and you ain't got to NEVER worry about ME NO MORE..

But I REFUSE to pay you bastards MORE than this furniture started off at and I've already paid in OVER 2/3 of what the original contract was.. This is HIGHWAY MURDER.. *** we ain't got to worry about TERROIST Yall KILLING us right here in our own back yards.. Our own *** kind!!!

Screw acceptance now I wouldn't recommend a dying man to Yall if Yall had the LAST breathing machine on earth!!! And you can give ALL the credit to MILTON in TYLER, TEXAS.. I hope he *** the RIGHT person off one day.. And to Adams Furniture you shouldn't allow such a WORTHLESS company to even obtain a space in your building Bcuz it attaches your name right along with it!

I won't ever step foot back in that mfr again.. It's NOT what you do its how.. & this arrogant MILTON dude can kiss my ENTIRE black ***! Talking about filing THEFT charges on me..

For what OVERPAYING!!!!

I wish he could've been close to me when he made that *** threat.. UGLY ***!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: i just wanna pay the balance of what I owe and they can leave me the *** alone.. .

Acceptance Now Cons: Milton.

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Please review link above. To make story short RAC was involved in a law suit, do to harassment in collection calls and they had to pay state $243,000. If you read the consumer statements you will see that they were also threaten by accusing them of theft charges to the police.


Please see the link attached. Something familiar happen a few years ago and it went to court if you read the consumer statements you will see that they were being threaten and were also told of going to police with theft charges.

Well to make story short RAC had to pay State $243,000 to settle lawsuit.

This people need to stop taking advantage of the consumers.

this is the link:


Sorry about your horrible experience. I had one my self.


Record them put them on speaker, they can't threatened you it's a civil matter they'll have to file claim if they want to.out charges on you. They can't verbally say that still falls under debt collection act.

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