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I purchased a TV, PS4, Warranty, and Soundbar. (at the end is a TL; DR)

First, had to come back several times as the sales associate was not present. My TV had stopped working and I wanted (did not need) a new one and did not want to wait. It was after Black Friday and the deals were great. I had some problems with the website, but ended up getting pre-approved for 2800.00. So I went shopping.

I got a 2k dollar TV for 1300, a $800.00 soundbar for 350, and the other items.

Some of the things that they do not tell you, 1. All purchases must be over 300.00. You cannot add anything cheaper. 2. There is 10% added to the cash value of everything that you purchase. 3. You do NOT need to get the waiver.

So, I was pressured into the waiver because I was tired. I did not notice the 10% charge until I tried to pay it off. This is to "report" to the credit agencies.

Now I am OK with a surcharge if I am told about it, but was never told. Interestingly it was sneaked in there. I have the receipt for all the items, and the "cash price" has 10% added to it. Sneaky.

There is NO SUCH THING as 90 days same as CASH with RAC Acceptance Now. Misleading and deceitful if you ask me.

Anyways, I was never late and made sure that I paid by the 90 days. And yes, you must pay in PERSON. The website is only good to make a purchase.

In review know this:

THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD. NONE, ZERO, ZILCH. Most of the complaints I read are about this, at least my sales person did inform me of this right away.

THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THE HIDDEN FEE. Guess what, add 10% to you CASH purchase. This comes out to interest in the amount of 33.67% per year for the first 90 day payment option. There is not INTEREST free 90 days. And yes, you pay this regardless. (Note, the interest rate was determined for 3 months. The actual may be higher or lower depending on length of time before payment.)

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY THE WAIVER They will sell it to you and even if you say no, you may still sign for it, so be careful. In addition, don't think you can cancel it. Hard as heck.

THE TOTAL CONTRACT PAYMENT IS 300%. But so is most lease or rent to own places. This is a rent-to-own contract, not a credit contract!!

THIS IS A LUXURY SERVICE FOR THOSE THAT DON'T HAVE CREDIT Guess what, there is something that happened or that you did to destroy your credit. (I know from personal experience). It may not be your fault, but these type of companies love people like you and me. They prey on us, and dangle the diamonds in our face and we greedily take them. There is a cost for this service, guess what, it is what I have mentioned. Pay cash, save up. This is the only way to avoid the fees.

IT IS HARD TO SWALLOW not being told everything up front. Well here it is, in one post.

TL; DR :: Anyway, I have my items, all paid for. No harassment, no late fees, just a little trickery. Hidden Fees and misleading sales tactics, but overall good experience.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Acceptance Now Pros: Having rac acceptance now as an option, Friendly sales person.

Acceptance Now Cons: Not being told about the hidden fee, Website.

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