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Acceptance Now is a lease to own company. We HELP people build credit through ON TIME payments.

If you decide to use the 90 Day Early Purchase option that is the cost of your furniture, 12% interest and Tax. Anything past the 90 days the 12% doesn’t apply and that’s where the leasing fees come into play. The sooner you pay off, the more money you save. The longer you take your term out, the more money you spend but you’re building credit during that time.

If you have 0 credit or bad credit and you get declined through all vendors except Acceptance Now than you can either pay cash or finance. Every time you finance you are going to be dealing with interest rates and fees. You should also get a hard copy of your EPO schedule when you sign up AND all documents should be e-mailed to you so you have a copy for yourself. If you pay off within the 90 days then you will be paying the cost of your furniture which is encouraged to do so.

We have a $20 late fee, there is no grace period. You can make your monthly payment before your due date or on it. If you sign up for Auto Pay then you will never have to worry about that late fee. Key word is : ON TIME PAYMENTS

If you’re late, you’re late.

It’s not the employees fault that you got a late fee.

Every employee calls before your due date to remind you or if they don’t hear from you ON your due date they will give you a call.

We call past due customers every day. Only time we call REFERENCES and WORK is if we aren’t able to get a hold of you to make your payment.

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I read above I am assuming from someone that works for acceptance now I just left Ashley Furniture and was told no matter if I pay off morrow June 23rd ate September 23rd I will pay the say not save anything for paying off earlier this seems like a scam I want 2 get 3 the bottom of

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