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If you like being lied to and mistreated and disrespected then this is the company to seek out. I purchased a couch and I told them what my expectations of the couch were and they said if I was unsatisfied I could return it within 30 days.

I was dissatisfied with the couch and returned it within a week and now 2 years later I'm dealing with them reporting a bad debt write-off of over $7300 when the couch was only $2500. They have a headquarters in Texas and I'm working with some manager named Alec at phone number 214 7014631. I'm glad I saved the voicemails and documentation that this purchase was an approved return and my account balance was zero. They tried to get me to pick out another couch and when I went to the show Room with the less expensive furniture they said oh no you need to come-back over to the showroom where all of the couches were over $3000.

I told them I was unwilling to spend more money as the furniture was cheaply made and I was not comfortable spending more than the couch that didn't work-out at which point they became rather hostile and derogatory toward me and my son. It took 3 months and to employees that were handling the financing leaving the company before someone with a working brain went through the paperwork and told me that the return and refund was authorized and that there would-be a 0 balance reflected. I've been playing phone tag with Alec for over a month and he has yet to leave me an understandable voicemail and assure me that the bad debt write-off has been removed. Acceptance now is falsely reporting information to a credit bureau and I would love it if someone would make a class-action lawsuit against these people.

Also they never told me that what I was getting was a lease agreement, they told me I was financing the furniture. I'm glad I paid the cheaply made bedroom suit off in less than 30 days. So if you want cheap furniture at an expensive price with an over 150% mark up by the time they're done adding all the interests fees then go to Michaels and take out a loan with acceptance now. I've also found out many of the furniture companies in Portland, which Portland seems to have extremely bad regulations regarding creditors, use acceptance now.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! It seems as if acceptance now as an acceptance into loan ***, eternal torment and damnation. If karma were perfect those eternal hellfires would attack every one of their stores and burn up all their furniture.

After reading glass door the only thing worse than being a customer is being an employee of the company. Maybe they're just so miserable they wanna bring you into their *** so they don't suffer alone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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