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On last year I needed to purchase a new Washer & Dryer as well as a New Couch and Loveseat. The washer & Dryer were on sale for 579.00 The chairs were at another store priced at 879.00 and they were supposed to take another $100 off because one of the couches had a long scratch on it.

When I went in to purchase I told the representative that I was ONLY interested in 90 days same as cash. All the while I'm thinking that I am financing thru the store....they have ACCEPTANCE NOW posted in the store...I did NOT KNOW that this is RENT A CENTER posted up in reputable stores as an in-store lender. I continued asking when could I pay the balance off....I was told that I could not pay it off before the 90 days but in a short period of time they will let me know when I could pay them off. It would have been no problem at all for me.

approaching the 90th day I went in both stores to get the pay off amounts, I was told that I couldn't pay AGAIN. So when I went to make my payments I was finally told that I had passed the 90 day mark and now I'm locked in to renting the furniture for 24 months...literally tripled the price of what I was quoted. TRIPLED.

I was forced into that contract and I will NOT pay any longer and I have paid the price for what I was originally told... a number of other people I have ran into online have the same story...I am looking into bringing a class action suit against them.


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I'm having the exact same issue, they are making it impossible to pay it off, the system online won't let me make more than one set amount payment for the month, I went I to the store and they said I can't make more than one in store payment also, then they took payments out of my account without my permission I'm not set up for auto pay and claimed they have no proof of this payment on their end

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