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i financed some items using RAC and would have to admit i fell on hard times due to my fiance being laid off from work in addition to having a baby. I made a lump sum payment and wasnt able to make any additional payments immediately after.

My mom called me and advised that the district manager has been leaving my personal account informaton on her voicemail in regards to me being past due on my account and having to file criminal charges on me for theft.

Now that my be something that they can do in regards to the account falling past due, but I am very sure that they violated FDCPA guidelines by even releasing the information that my account was past due to an unauthorized party as well as leaving it on her voicemail. Cant wait to see how the company reacts now that the shoe is on the other foot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acceptance Now Account.

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Did you pursue with the lawsuit?


Did you ever get this going. I want to join


Good luck wasting your time. People like you give places like this a bad name.

If you just paid your bills, none of this would be happening.

BTW, this does not violate FDCPA laws. YOU signed an application giving this company permision to contact and or release your information about any past due status.


As per 3rd party release of information, references are not eleigable to obtain or be given information on an account, unless authorization has been provided from the account holder. That being said, if the contact number given for the account holder is not their direct telephone number, it was the liability and neglect of the account holder that lead to the third party release of information. So in this case it would depend on what info was obtained and how well the account was noted during the contacrs made with the account holder.


You obviously work for the idiots Mike


It doesn't matter what you sign. FDCPA is the law and it over rules that.

Everyone should sue this company. They violate ever rule possible. Stuff happens in life and sometimes bill don't get paid.

No company gets immunity from debt collection laws because of paperwork. YOUR WRONG


How did the law suit go?!


Lmao... Good luck.

Just pay your bills on time or return the stuff.


I bought a king bed an mattress an a couch I've made 22 payments already at 239 a month still have another 14 months so in all paying 8000 for something that's only worth 3000 this should be a crime


You signed the contract. Learn to read or don't sign.


You know this is wrong , you must work for these people


Lol mines was only 500. I have now paid them 2000 but they want a buyout of 600 feels like I been scammed and this is why were mad to the people that say pay your payment were over the payment


I am also a former employee as or recent and if you are still persuing action against this company I may be able to help as well. My email is If you or anyone else has questions or want more information, I would also be glad to provide as much as I can to bring justice against this monster of a company.


So what happen was lawsuit file?


They Told me they would kick my door down After I told them to come get there stuff months before


It is not against any privacy laws to tell someone you are past due on your account, you really cant discuss much else besides that RAC is trying to get intouch with you for a past due account. You put down 3-4 references which will all be called if you fail to make payment on your merchandise. Dont create bills you cant afford to keep, always think about the future and all possible circumstances.



It is AGAINST the LAW to discuss detailed information with a third party contact. If she was late with payments, the court system is there for legal recourse for non-payment!


I am a former employee of RAC, I do understand all your complaints and I totally agree with each and everyone of you. I propose that we all get together and file a class action lawsuit.

If anyone is interested please email me at Former or current customer and any former employee are welcome!

@Amelita Hampton

They gave me 2 contract one was for living room suit and one was for a dinning room set I never bought a dinning room set from them but never.bought a living room but they charging for the price of the living room


Did you put your mother down as an emergency contact? If they called her she would be able to figure out what the deal was without being told.

That is just like the title loan places, they ask for an emergency contact number and if you miss a payment they call the contact person. I have a daughter and son-in-law who do that and I finally told my daughter to quit putting me down for emergency contact, I don't have any people calling me about bills of my own, and I don't need to be called about other peoples. I don't know what the rules are, but I don't think they will file criminal charges against you, they are more apt to repo the stuff you are renting from them.

Let's face it you didn't buy it, until it is completely paid off, you are renting it and paying big time interest. Tell them to come and get their stuff.

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